The Clover Tarot

This is an author's project created by an artist from Latvia and reflecting the inner experience of experiences through this bright deck of cards. There are 79 cards in the deck, including two versions of "Lover". The deck is self-published by the author and is available for order to everyone.

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Pattern of the Deck

The Clover Tarot deck is made up of 78 cards, including 22 Major Arcana cards (arcanum means “secret”) and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Minor Arcana cards are split into four suits symbolising the four elements and conditions of existence: Wands (fire), Cups (water), Swords (air), Pentacles (earth). Each suit consists of 10 cards numbered 1 to 10 and four Court Cards (sometimes called the Family Cards), denoting characters and personalities: daughter, son, queen and king.

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana consist of 22 drawings (0 to 21) personifying main global experiences, principles and lessons of human life. K.G.Young called them the archetypes of collective human experience that are stored deeply in the psyche of every person. These lessons have a deep, universal mystic meaning for people of different cultures and nations. The Clover Tarot cards differ from other decks in that they have two cards of Arcanum VI, “Lovers”. It is connected with the difference in interpretation of this card. In the early days of my interest in Tarot, I treated it in the reading as “relations”, “being in love”, “passion”, “attraction” and “desire”, but over the course of time other nuances of meaning came to the forefront, such as “choice”, “alternatives”, “opportunities” and “check for maturity”, and therefore I left both cards in the deck for the reader’s choice because various nuances of meaning play different roles.

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana embody the conditions and stages of personality experience in four major directions (suits).

Wands are the fire suit and represent our spiritual and personality growth. Wishes, aspirations, actions. Self-realisation and career. Wands, like the heat of the soul, embody creative energy and inspiration that entail actions for bringing own impulses to reality.

Cups are the water suit symbolising spiritual emotions. The emotional world, sensitivity, intuition and imagination. These are the conditions that live inside us. Since our emotions and feelings depend directly on our relations with other people, the wands denote the quality of our relations with the others and with the world around us.

Swords are the air suit and represent the mental, thinking energy. Swords reflect our inner and external conflicts, thoughts, ideas and solutions. Swords also mean communication, as well as conflicts and struggles arising in its course. It is a very loud suit in the cuts of cards.

Pentacles are the earth suit. They are a physical and sensuous reality around and inside us (our body). It is the fruits of labour, activity, study, knowledge and skills. It is material values and earthly goods.

These four suits are connected both as opposites (air – earth; fire – water) and as pairs (fire – air; water – earth). They also correlate with the four corners of the earth: North (Swords), South (Pentacles), West (Wands) and East (Cups); and with the functions of human consciousness: thinking (Swords), sensation (Cups), perception (Pentacles), intuition (Wands).

The Court, or Family Cards

The Court Cards represent different people we face in our everyday lives and the variety of characters and conditions of mental energy, as well as how these people influence us: their properties and level of maturity. The cards may also denote the inner properties of the inquirer him/herself.

Pages (Traditional Court Card Name), or Princesses (Thoth Deck Court Card Name)*, symbolise small children, apprentices, heralds and messengers. Properties such as naiveté, childishness. Events such as personal initiatives, first efforts. They bring with themselves news and seeds of future events.

Knights (Traditional Court Card Name), or Princes (Thoth Deck Court Card Name)*, symbolise young men, adolescents. These cards have much energy and motion and therefore denote proposals, roads and travels, as well as urge action.

Queens are female characters in Tarot. They denote results, the achievement of which brings inner power and control. We see female ways to achieve self-fulfilment through actions (Wands), feelings and relations (Cups), development of skills and achievement of results (Pentacles) and the mind and thinking (Swords).

Kings are images of mature masculinity. They denote external self-fulfilment in a social medium, experience, power and point to the results of activities in four spheres of human life (see above).

* Note. Hereinafter the Traditional Court Card Names will be used.

The Major Arcana

0 Fool


Tarot Card Symbol: a young fellow in jester’s clothes carelessly stepping over a precipice into emptiness. A smile on his face, the easiness of a butterfly at his heart. He is innocent and does not know what he will face in the future and what dangers (crocodiles) lie in wait for him. A small dog nips at his heels as if to warn the Fool of danger, symbolising common sense, a feeling of self-preservation and instincts. But the Fool ignores rationality. With a bundle on his shoulder, the Fool walks lightly and believes carelessly in his idea, looking into the unknown space in front of him. His ignorance protects him against all dangers and his openness to the world is disarming. In such a state people may go over a precipice just because they believe that there is a road under them. But the next step may as well lead into the jaws of a crocodile. The Fool represents the wisdom of ignorance, openness to the world and freedom.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • free Spirit before which all opportunities of the Universe unfold;
  • rules of the heart, openness to new opportunities;
  • adventurism, boldness;
  • inner child, irrational side of human nature;
  • spontaneity and unpredictability;
  • emptiness, impulse, purity, birth;
  • wonder.

Qualities: openness, freedom, innocence, inexperience, freshness, novelty. Faith, serenity, foolishness, non-affection, fearlessness.

Person: child. Someone who has heard the dictates of the soul and cannot be stopped. An open, merry and careless person. Intuitive eccentric. God’s fool. Man of Spirit.

Tramp, homeless, Spirit seeker, antisocial element.

Eventive meaning:

  • wonders and manifestations of Spirit that contradict common sense;
  • life anew, nobody’s advice and no old stereotypes have force;
  • faith leading into the precipice, initiation;
  • ingenious breakthrough, new impulse;
  • being in love, rules of the heart (often comes before a divorce and personifies the wish of freedom. If the man leaves like a fool, he will not “come back” as a rule, unless if due to an action such as the following: surprise him, get him interested, give him a shock);
  • freedom from money;
  • originality in work, talent, non-standard approach;
  • journey;
  • whim and fancy, thoughtless action, intuitive action;
  • uncontrollable situation.

Reversed Fool

Qualities: foolishness, thoughtless risk, exaltation, fatalism, defencelessness. Negligence, inattention, carelessness.

Eventive meaning:

  • mistake, foolishness, self-assurance;
  • losses and failures due to foolishness;
  • stupid man, fool;
  • dismissal and non-professionalism;
  • breakup, destruction of relations;
  • deceptions, may be cheated when making a deal;
  • disease, may denote the journey’s end for old people;
  • negative destiny;
  • become dispirited, lose firm ground;
  • problems with children;
  • sudden change of opinion.

I Magician

Power of ego.

Tarot Card Symbols: a willowy young magician standing on the very mountain peak, maintaining excellent balance. He is the prototype of Hermes, the god Mercury in his winged sandals. We watch him at the time of the creation of the Universe, he has power over the Sun (consciousness) and the Moon (subconsciousness). He skilfully uses the cup, the wand, the pentacle and the sword. He masters them. Leopard skin indicates his strength and shamanistic abilities. Differently coloured trouser legs imply that he stands for neither good, nor evil, but instead soars in a relativity that gives him the freedom of creation. The symbol of a lemniscate over his head denotes the first motion of creation and infinity of this motion in the Universe. His right hand is raised, symbolising the masculine energy of will and power. His left hand holds the wand and is the symbol of victory over casual emotions and passions. The cup and the pentacle, traditionally female energies, are also under his power. The Magician knows the rituals and uses magic attributes as intended while his concentration and magic abilities give him command over natural forces.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Ego, personality, personal charisma and charm;
  • control over situations, personal responsibility, self-dependence and will;
  • creative process, professionalism, skill;
  • control, power, purposefulness, strength;
  • initiative.

Qualities: independence, conscience, professionalism, purposefulness and self-reliance. Wittiness and craft.

Person: leader, master-hand, professional in his business. Creative person. Charming, free male with unsurpassed charisma. Physician, healer. Master. Conjurer. High-level professional. Able to assume responsibility. Idea generator. Variety artist. Showman. Lover. Striking personality.

Eventive meaning:

  • career growth and recognition of abilities;
  • power and control over situations;
  • astonish and strike the public, diplomacy and eloquence employed in own interests;
  • good health;
  • full expression of creative potential;
  • freedom and self-dependence in situations;
  • decision-making, initiative;
  • working alone, autonomy.

Reversed Magician

Qualities: lack of control, weak will, loss of balance, manipulation, irresponsibility.

Eventive meaning:

  • charlatan, swindler, manipulator, speculator, instigator and impostor;
  • “go with the flow”, leave hold of reins of power and self-surrender;
  • hypnosis, influence, use for own purposes;
  • plans will not be realised and failure will surely come; results differ from those expected;
  • reluctance to learn;
  • improper medical treatment, medical error;
  • refusal from responsibility for own actions;
  • deceive himself and others;
  • mental disorders, head injury.

II High Priestess


Tarot Card Symbols: under the cover of night, a nude, green-haired witch is sitting alone under the moonlight. She sets out cards, lifting the veil of mystery (black veil above her head) over world events. There is an inner intuitive flame in the centre of her stomach, over her head and in her solar plexus testifies to the mystic condition of absorption. She is let in on the secret and possesses abilities and knowledge hidden from people. Her long green hair personifies her connection with primal shamanistic energy of Nature. A starry sky and waxing moon are symbols of the Universe with which the Priestess is in subtle harmony. Flaming candles are like a portal or passage into the Priestess’ world of intuitive perception. Her eyes are closed and a half-smile plays on her lips. The veil or black mesh scarf above the Priestess is a symbol of mystery. “Oh, mortal, do not hurry to lift the veil until I unveil myself” – here Schiller implies that the wisdom personified by the Priestess is a revelation and cannot be understood by mental invasion. Four Tarot cards lie face down in front of her. These are four questions, four suits and four spheres of the Spirit: actions, feelings, thoughts, wishes. The Priestess suggests: if there is a question, then there will also be an answer. But the cards are not yet known, they only invite to reveal a bit of the mystery and to become familiar with the unknown.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Mystery, secret;
  • solitude, susceptibility to dreams and signs, cycles of nature and bodily wisdom;
  • intuition and the subconscious, extrasensory perception, inspiration;
  • man behind the scenes, the hidden influence.

Qualities: secrecy, mystery, wisdom, deliberation, inactivity, solitude, introversion, magic.

Person: a woman about whom we know little or nothing, appearing in the situation and interested. Mistress, rival. Femme fatale.

Ecclesiastic female. Healer, fortune-teller, psychotherapist. Initiated into knowledge.

Eventive meaning:

  • indefinite future;
  • intuitive understanding;
  • hidden motivation, privacy;
  • help from a wise woman, spiritual healing, subconscious advice, wisdom, female power;
  • influence of hormonal cycles;
  • health of the female reproductive system;
  • search for inner guidance, self-cognition;
  • silence, carefulness, successful concealment of something;
  • passivity, waiting;
  • promising affair, but without the need to force events.

Reversed High Priestess

Qualities: greed, craftiness, selfishness, loneliness, psychopathic inferior, impatience.

Eventive meaning:

  • disclosure of secrets, heavy awareness;
  • fraud, error;
  • poor contact with intuition, inability to understand own feelings;
  • wicked witch, very negative-minded woman, black magic, evil eye, wasting disease and rituals;
  • unfaithfulness, inner hatred, betrayal;
  • gynaecological problems, infertility, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • intrigues at work, envy, negative opinion;
  • sexual uselessness, women's dissatisfaction;
  • sexual perversions;
  • bitch, witch, betrayal by a woman;
  • passion that could kill;
  • misjudgements and sham.

III Empress

Mother. Nature.

Tarot Card Symbols: among the ripe ears of wheat on a background of fields and blue sky, a pregnant woman sits in a magnificent dress and crown. This is the Empress in the midst of nature. The throne of flowers brings a sense of security and wellness into the picture, it seems to embrace the woman, protecting and supporting her. Her face is relaxed and has a slightly wandering gaze to it, as it happens with pregnant women, and an expression of satisfaction and harmony. She seems to radiate calm and kindness. The red colour of her dress symbolises love and a celebration of life, while the sign of Venus on her breast symbolises beauty and feminine energy. Spikes of rye and wheat hint at a rich harvest and abundance. The Empress is the embodiment of spiritualised matter, fertilised femininity. Her incarnations are the mother, lover and mistress of fields and cornfields. She is the queen in the sublunary world. Her patrimony is love and her essence is the nature that gives birth to us and nourishes us with its gifts.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • fertility, creativity, growth;
  • satisfaction, stability, harmony;
  • love and beauty, power of attraction;
  • motherhood, care, charity.

Qualities: satisfaction, well-being, loyalty, charm, success, beauty, love, health.

Person: creative, talented. Aestheticism and beauty are important to this person. Nature lover. Imperious woman. Mother. Wife.

Eventive meaning:

  • good family and stable marriage;
  • financial wealth, capital growth;
  • decoration and aesthetics, female cosmetics, dressy clothes, hairstyles and everything related to beauty;
  • health and care of health: food, walks and rides, spa procedures;
  • conception and pregnancy, easy delivery and happy motherhood;
  • hospitality and love for the sensuous;
  • caring and helping others, cherish something or someone, oversee;
  • gardening, love for nature, ecology.

Reversed Empress

Qualities: authoritativeness, exactingness, disharmony, futility, depression and lifelessness. Vanity and ostentation.

Eventive meaning:

  • bad mother (either smothers with too much care and control or ignores);
  • monetary losses, no progress in business;
  • entropy, fruitless efforts;
  • destruction of marriage, divorce;
  • infertility, abortion, miscarriage, surgery to remove the uterus;
  • excessive sensuousness- gluttony, lust, dependency on material wealth;
  • laziness, apathy;
  • negative femininity, unsatisfied woman;
  • prostitution;
  • unhealthy growth and expansion, destruction;
  • venereal diseases, chronic diseases;
  • feeling of abandonment and loneliness.

IV Emperor

Father. Law.

Tarot Card Symbols: against the backdrop of a mighty tree stands a powerful male figure in red and white robes. This is the Emperor. He has just gotten up from his throne and has placed his hands in an imperious and closed Napoleonic pose. His look is hard and arrogant. Both the square throne behind the Emperor and his attitude suggest rigidity, borders and keeping boundaries. This man seems to keep himself well composed, embodying the self-control. The horns on his head are a sign of supreme power and force, as well as a powerful protection against enemies. They also point to the selectiveness and energetic power. Mantle and straps decorated with precious stones on his chest symbolise wealth and status, but also the stiffness, excessive heaviness and mental captivity brought with the power. The greater the man, the smaller his freedom. The white and red colours of his robes indicate a combination of aggressiveness and energetic power in the service of harsh and fair law. The red denotes passion and aggression, while the white symbolises purity, impartiality and grace.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • father, master, patron;
  • mature masculine energy;
  • earthly power, authority, control, order, structure;
  • intellect and clear concept, the facts.

Qualities: strength, rigidity, authoritativeness, stability, purposefulness, activity, logic and rationality. Decisiveness and responsibility.

Person: great authority, ruler, big head. Father. Husband. Man of elder age or higher hierarchy. Patron. An official. Gracious dictator. Politician.

Eventive meaning:

  • retaining power;
  • dealing with power structures;
  • regimented situation;
  • authoritative person, leader;
  • determine the boundaries, set rules and self-control;
  • give orders, administer, command, allocate resources;
  • be the guarantor of stability, to think strategically;
  • achieve goals and ambitions;
  • corporation.

Reversed Emperor

Qualities: despotism, autocracy, cruelty, illegality, lack of discipline, paternalism, male chauvinism.

Eventive meaning:

  • misuse of power;
  • man devoid of courage, weakness, spinelessness;
  • weak, missing or unjust father;
  • mediocre solutions, refusal to take responsibility for own actions;
  • loss of power and control, chaos;
  • violence, punishment, fighting, scandal;
  • being in anger and fury, absence of self management, excessive and destructive aggression;
  • sexual perversion and homosexuality;
  • loss of power and influence, overthrow from throne;
  • rival, enemy;
  • accidents in the army, mafia showdown;
  • monetary crimes: fraud, blackmail, stitch-up and cheating;
  • fractures, head injuries, surgery.

V Hierophant (Religion)

Supreme law.

Tarot Card Symbols: before a long journey, two young travellers kneel and bow their heads before the figure of a priest. Perhaps they came for confession, or for advice and parting words before the journey. Young and naked, they represent a naive and inexperienced human soul, helpless in the face of life’s storms, in need of communion and blessing, advice and confession. In his left hand, the priest holds a cross – the emblem of ruling the three realms on earth: material, mental and spiritual. With his right hand, he points to the straight road leading through the darkness of the night, which symbolises the spiritual tradition. His beard and gray hair give witness to his wisdom and experience. The bowed heads of his ward travellers express patience and humility before a person clothed in spiritual authority. A white veil between the two columns implies that a higher being is behind the priest while he acts as the mediator of knowledge that is hidden from the eyes and ears of mere mortals. In this role, the priest represents the initiation into a higher spiritual order and is a guide among people.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • the world of faith, trust in the voice of God;
  • moral rules, spiritual tradition, conscience, beliefs;
  • blessing and protectorship;
  • marriage and family;
  • law established by God and the State, societies and institutions.

Qualities: understanding of higher law, humility, patience, generosity, long-suffering, faith.

Person: cleric, teacher, mentor, confessor, priest, high religious rank.

Eventive meaning:

  • compliance with the commandments, prohibitions, moral values;
  • see deep meaning in everything that happens;
  • checking the strength of spiritual aspirations, calling on others to not betray personal principles;
  • stable systems of values, internal integrity;
  • mission and supertask;
  • traditional way, dogma;
  • initiation for a new way of spiritual development;
  • joining the Church, finding a spiritual basis for life;
  • help from higher powers, prayer, blessing;
  • formal marriage, union;
  • coercion, obeying rules and requirements;
  • good advice.

Reversed Hierophant (Religion)

Qualities: isolation from common objectives, exile, anathema and loneliness. Non-conventionalism, egotism, individualism, originality, vulnerability, the extraordinar.

Frivolity, laziness, irresponsibility, immorality.

Eventive meaning:

  • possibility to solve the problem in a roundabout way, bypassing the rules;
  • non-traditional approach;
  • formal divorce;
  • wrongly chosen way;
  • outsidership and iconoclasm;
  • denial of religious roots, atheism;
  • deposed authority, rebellion and disobedience;
  • inquisition, dogmatism;
  • unethical and unprincipled behaviour, immoral acts; familiarity;
  • sin and shame;
  • erroneous doctrine, religious blindness and fanaticism;
  • rigidity of the system of beliefs, prejudices;
  • quitting spiritual communities, breaking from tradition.

VI Lovers

Attraction to integrity.


Tarot Card Symbols: the first card depicts a man and a woman in a moment of passionate coupling. Their bodies are entwined in ecstasy, their eyes closed. A golden sun, a symbol of integrity and cosmic energy, floods them with its light. The figures of the lovers are on all fours, indicating the animal nature of passion in every human being. The apple-covered ground reminds us of the apple of temptation, the time of seduction and fall of Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden. A snake slithers along as if creating a ring or knot, the unsolvable puzzle of sweet and blind attraction between a man and a woman. A leaf torn from its branch by wind is a sign of the transient and temporal nature of ecstasy, the first feature of decay and death. Love, death, temptation and integrity. The comprehensive explanation of this card is not even clear to me. There is the strive for integrity like the sun, which is divine and gives strength and energy, and yet there is the mysterious and eternal temptation of the human race in the Serpent. It is the paradox of love.

The second card shows a situation of choice. A man at a fork in the road. Which woman to choose, which road should he take on his way to Individuation? One of the women symbolises wisdom, the other – sensuality, but which one represents what? Nothing but questions. The choice here symbolises the duality of the human soul, its spiritual and animal sides. Duality is manifested in all aspects of existence, including in those between a man and a woman. Every moment of life on earth is a choice, and these choices make up a human life. The human’s way is symbolised by a tree in which a man seems to be floating, as if stuck (symbol of human ego) between two frames of mind. The fork in the road is a stage where he should undertake responsibility for his decision of where to go next. On this card, the man no longer makes a blind choice, he is not a slave of forces and instincts like on the first card. He seems to try to show the difference between free will and succumbing to instincts; he is aware of the consequences of his choices.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • the necessity to make a certain decision; the choice (what to choose, is often pointed at by cards – left and right of Arcanum No. 6);
  • relations with the opposite sex, between a man and a woman;
  • romantic liaison, being in love, sexual intimacy;
  • collaboration, alliance, partnership.

Qualities: openness, curiosity, eloquence, attractiveness, freedom, spirituality, commitment, determination, being in love.

Person: enamoured, admirer, lover. The one who establishes relationships, fascinates, seduces. Seller, advertiser, marriage agent, pander.

Eventive meaning:

  • communicative skills, communication and networking, exchange in information, ideas, feelings, energy;
  • open to other people;
  • being in love, passion, attraction, meeting;
  • reconciliation of opposites within oneself, synergy, conjunction, integration, alchemy;
  • check of maturity, temptation, trial;
  • self-determination, choice of profession or important decision on the path of life;
  • extramarital love affair, adultery;
  • attractive business offer. Several options or partners.

Reversed Lovers

Qualities: instability, dissension, incompatibility, frustration, self-destruction.

Eventive meaning:

  • wrong choice, insignificant choice, ill-timed choice, error;
  • idealization;
  • problems with communication, disagreement, incomprehension, conflict and parting;
  • seduction without love;
  • sexual incompatibility and frustration;
  • jealousy, envy, sexual obsession and co-dependence, persecution of object of passion;
  • problems with choice, indecision;
  • unfaithfulness and adultery;
  • prostitution;
  • nervous breakdowns and hysteria, the state of stress, inner duality and duplicity;
  • venereal diseases.

VII Chariot

Triumph of will.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see a girl in knightly armour, riding in a chariot drawn by black and white horses. She holds a white flag in her hand and is wearing a billowing that resembles that of the emperor. Her left hand tightly holds the reigns, keeping the two horses in check. She has a look of concentration on her; her eyes are tough and focused on the goal. Her blonde hair is whipped by the wind and she wears a helmet with a red plume on her head. She is like Joan of Arc, a woman-warrior under the protection of higher powers, leading her chariot on the right path. This horsewoman has full command and control of her horses: the white horse is the symbol of righteousness and goodness, while the black one represents the power of evil and destruction. She herself is endowed with extraordinary power to pave her own path and keeping command over her own dark and light sides. The white robe with red lining, like the emperor’s, indicates strength in the service of justice and mercy. Courage and iron will are the essence of this card. The horses are pulling in different directions – and strong and wilful “I” is needed to master the dark and light side of circumstances and one’s personal nature. The symbol of the wheel in the centre is the personification of the idea of movement, a symbol of the sun and cosmic order.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • movement toward the target, focus, self-control and control over circumstances;
  • triumph, victory;
  • war, defending personal interests;
  • self-affirmation, stormy practical activities.

Qualities: concentration, composure, purposefulness, courage, confidence, speed, ambition, rapid development. Self-control, will, self-expression. Fortitude.

Person: ambitious careerist, purposeful professional, warrior, fighting for a common cause. Hero.

Eventive meaning:

  • work on expansion of influence sphere, careerism, progress towards a goal;
  • trip, business trip, journey;
  • aggressive behaviour, righteous anger;
  • challenge, courageous step;
  • resolute rush, combat against fragmentation and contradictions;
  • panoply, defence, dress code, social mask to achieve the goal;
  • be involved in the process but govern themselves, the flow of events;
  • competitions, sports, military service;
  • overcoming obstacles, glory, pride and celebration of the winner.

Reversed Chariot

Qualities: uncontrollability, stupidity, cowardice, anger, worry, anxiety, self-confidence, ambition, madness, destructiveness.

Eventive meaning:

  • motor vehicle crash, road accident;
  • defeat, conquest, overthrow, usurpation of power;
  • conspiracies and rebellion, revolution;
  • failed trip, unsuccessful or postponed journey;
  • uncontrolled situation, fear of not coping with circumstances;
  • pursuing the false goals;
  • conflicts, unforgiven grievance, reluctance to contact;
  • revenge, rage, uncontrollable emotions;
  • quarrel, conflict, litigation;
  • robbery, harassment by creditors, attacks and failures on the road;
  • hoodlums, delinquents, criminals and racketeering;
  • operations, fractures, strikes, heart attacks, apoplectic attacks, accidents;
  • disruptions in organisation of affairs.

VIII Strength

Energy of life.

Tarot Card Symbols: a naked woman with long, fair hair straddles a fiery lion’s energy and is tenderly and affectionately trying to tame with the beast with her hands. The nakedness brings a vulnerability and eroticism to the picture. The woman's eyes are closed, as if she has given herself up to the sensual ecstasy and intoxication, releasing the incredible power of instinctual impulses from inside herself. The lion represents her animal nature, the spontaneous energy of pleasure and the sexual and creative energy of libido. The naked woman is the part of us that accepts, respects and loves, gives itself up without surrender, taking its sexuality to the highest level. It transforms passion into love and turns blind unrestrained and wild nature into human inspiration. Together, they symbolise the mystery of transformation of animal energy into a spiritual one through love and admission.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • power, energy, libido, taming of instincts;
  • creative activity;
  • sexual lust, desire, passion;
  • power of love and good understanding;
  • spiritual transformation.
  • Qualities: generosity, passion, confidence, courage, tenderness, admission. Strength of character and self-possession. Physical strength, endurance, sexuality, handsomeness and charm.

    Person: bold and generous. Athlete. Tamer. Animal trainer. Mistress. Temptress. Muse.

    Eventive meaning:

  • professionalism, success, personal growth, achievements;
  • victory in sports;
  • sexual ecstasy in intimacy, desire and sexual passion, orgasm;
  • creative inspiration and desire to create;
  • taming personal instincts;
  • excellent health, energy at the highest level;
  • healing, energetic practices;
  • tantric sex, sexual mysteries of Dionysus, zombiizm, magic.
  • Reversed Strength

    Qualities: weakness, querulousity, anger, rage, powerlessness, aggression.

    Eventive meaning:

  • violence or powerlessness;
  • fear of personal passions, suppressing – or conversely – blindly following personal instincts;
  • power over others, unethical use of force, misuse;
  • charms, witchcraft;
  • release of suppressed energy, masturbation;
  • alcoholism and aggression, maniacality;
  • uncontrollable passion, temptation that has captured us;
  • brutality, despotism and tyranny, punishment;
  • use of force for evil, including black magic and rituals.

IX Hermit

Search for truth.

Tarot Card Symbols: a man wrapped from head to toe in a, dark-violet coat is descending stairs into the darkness and unknown. He is leaving behind the sunlight of the day, the people and bustle of the world and is going into the depth to search for something. This is the Hermit. The oil lamp in his hand illuminates his detached face and the darkness around him. The lamp is the light of wisdom, the inner fire of knowledge. It only illuminates the space immediately around him, suggesting that many surprises and challenges await him. The lamp casts a long shadow on the stairs: the more we understand ourselves and gain wisdom and enlightenment, the longer our shadows become, and the closer and stronger the appeal of the unknown is. The staff in the Hermit’s hand is his only companion and support in the journey. This is the strength and support of the Spirit on the road to self-knowledge. The open door separates the space of daylight from a different life; it is the border between the external and internal world of a human being, into which he sinks into absolute solitude and humility. The Hermit is turning away from the sunlight, preferring his own inner light.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Wisdom, prudence, self-cognition;
  • search for truth, solitude and seclusion;
  • withdrawal from external activity, from the world, inner world.

Qualities: restraint, introversion, coldness, alienation, loneliness, wisdom, concentration and withdrawal. Self-discipline and asceticism. Self-limitation. Unsociability, shyness. Caution, conscience.

Person: wise elder, counsellor and mentor, teacher, conductor. Those who serve for the benefit of others and carry the light of truth. Psychotherapist, ascetic, scholar, hermit. Internal counsellor – soul driver.

Eventive meaning:

  • escape from society, from the crowd;
  • serious attitude toward life;
  • cooling in relations, desire to retire and withdraw;
  • solitude, spiritual practice, meditation, fasting;
  • financial constraints, hard to get money;
  • weak health, loss of energy, senility, old age, inward curtailing of energy;
  • sharpening of skills, working alone;
  • service for the benefit of humanity, philanthropy;
  • psychotherapy and self-cultivation;
  • scientific research or work on the strategy, far-sighted plans;
  • chastity and absence of sexual desire;
  • advice or instruction;
  • self-discipline, self-limitation in the sensual.

Reversed Hermit

Qualities: fixedness, secrecy, powerlessness, falsehood, suspicion, fatigue, deception.

Eventive meaning:

  • come out from confinement to the people;
  • end of loneliness period;
  • bad advice, false teacher, impostor, non-professionalism;
  • perfectionism, rigidity, prejudices;
  • full of loneliness, seek relationships with people;
  • stuck in isolation, lurk or disguise;
  • disapproval of what is happening, paranoia, pathological secrecy;
  • midlife crisis, fear of old age and decrepitude;
  • problems of old age, insomnia, extinction;
  • silence, chastity, poverty;
  • ploughing the sand.

X Wheel of Fortune


Tarot Card Symbols: a large roulette wheel embraces the entire globe. Above the roulette wheel stands success, inspiration, euphoria. The man raises his hands up in joy: he has won money or achieved what he wanted and he feels his greatness – he is trying to touch heaven! Below the wheel stands failure, captivity, slavery and poverty. Though he might have yesterday been successful and contented, the man has now lost everything; he has been chained and sent to prison. The roulette wheel spins, the phases of success and failure alternate; this is the rhythm in which the earth revolves. Everything flows and changes every second, supporting the process of perpetual becoming and destruction. The law of roulette or randomness represents God will or disposition, reflecting in caprices of Fortune, in sudden changes in human destiny. The Wheel of Fortune is also the law of karma, the law of cause and effect that determines our destiny.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • sudden changes, unexpected twists of fate;
  • good luck, divine providence, the chance of fate;
  • rapid succession of events;
  • rock, doom.

Qualities: mobility, variability, expansion, unpredictability, synchronicity, perspective, instability.

Person: gambler, man of the world, windy, changeable. Businessman working with shares or in the stock market. Producer, advertiser or mass media man, journalist. Travelling salesman.

Eventive meaning:

  • sign of fate, good opportunities and prospects, freebie;
  • appearance of new resources, people, money, news;
  • walk, journey;
  • high life, changing places;
  • job promotion;
  • tendency to full-scale range viewing;
  • karma and reincarnation;
  • natural resources;
  • successful acquaintance, a man – a sign of fate;
  • risk, casinos, lottery.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune

Qualities: untimeliness, bad luck, fussiness, discord, uncontrollability.

Eventive meaning:

  • delays, obstacles, failures, delays in affairs;
  • return to unfinished business or having to redo accomplished work;
  • losing the opportunity or scaring luck away;
  • feverish activity, vanity of vanities;
  • the time has not yet come;
  • the risk is too big, wrong time, many hidden problems;
  • risky trip;
  • recurrence of disease, the ups and downs of a mood, delays in cycles;
  • failure, loss, detention;
  • hard to influence the situation, wait for better times;
  • lethal outcome.

XI Justice


Tarot Card Symbols: the card depicts Themis, the Goddess of Justice. In her left hand she holds scales, and in the right she holds a sword. The scales represent the idea of equilibrium and balance of forces in the Universe. Themis represents the ability of balance and calm, which lets us see the objective truth and administer justice. Her gaze is cold, aloof; she looks down upon us, expressing the incorruptibility and detachment of true justice. Nothing stirs Themis or moves the bowl of her scales. Only at the time of death when the balance is broken will the eternal justice of the sword blade destroy what is not balanced and will call the soul to justice. Only balanced forces have the right to exist. Themis sends us to the law of karma – we reap what we sow – and embodies karma in action. If this card appears in the cut, the time has come to account for one’s own actions.

Red and black columns in the background represent life and the death, between which Themis sits. She personifies the Principle of Fairness, devoid of feelings and emotions. It is no coincidence that the floor she is sitting on consists of black and white tiles, pointing to the ability of our minds to combine the opposite sides of one phenomenon into a coherent picture that emphasises the paradoxality of human behaviour and the human soul.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • triumph of truth and justice (karma, moral, legal and financial liabilities);
  • retaliation, retribution, fair punishment, account for one’s own actions;
  • honesty and clear thinking;
  • important decision or contract;
  • the court, official institutions.

Qualities: cold blood, honesty, courage, absence of emotions, boldness. Seriousness, equality.

Person: judge, lawyer, mediator, lawyer or person responsible for execution of documents. People engaged in court proceedings and commissioning activity.

Writers, critics, teachers. Strict principal, head teacher or another official. Investigators, police officers.

Eventive meaning:

  • court proceedings, litigation;
  • investigation, accusation;
  • formal marriage, contracts, signing of contracts;
  • negotiations, exchanges and calculations;
  • honesty with yourself;
  • sexual equality, relationships on a basis of equality;
  • frosty partnership relations;
  • informed decision, without sentimentality; cards on both sides of the Justice show the forces that need to be balanced;
  • bank account balance;
  • public opinion;
  • process of training;
  • avoiding the extremes, restraint, not identifying with emotions;
  • saving money, getting as much as is earned;
  • balance of health, convalescence.
  • Reversed Justice

    Qualities: dishonesty, distortion, unrighteousness, confusion, bitterness and pugnacity.

    Eventive meaning:

    • wrong way of life, dishonest and immoral behaviour;
    • trouble with the law, illegal actions, loss of balance in life;
    • have to be accountable for one’s own actions;
    • negative opinion fabricated against you;
    • fine, bill, non-payment of wages;
    • putting in prison, enforcement of penalties and collection of debts or taxes;
    • dismissal;
    • shame and humiliation;
    • compensation for damages;
    • bypassing the law, committing a crime;
    • prejudice and unfair trial; excessive severity and rigid criticism;
    • poisoning and liver trouble.

XII Hanged Man

Voluntary victim.

Tarot Card Symbols: against a background of sea and sky, we see a man hanging upside down. He is tied up to a branch by his left leg; his right leg is bent at the knee and his hands are spread out in full openness and detachment, as if the he has given himself up completely to the will of God. The yellow, blue and green colours of the card remind us of the element of water, representing the mystical depth of this Tarot lesson. The man hanged upside down is defenceless and has completely accepted his fate. He is resigned and has surrendered the reins of control. This image represents a profound revolution in human destiny wherein the world as we know it is turned upside down and the mind transits to a stage of a different world perception. No wonder this card was an indicator of mystical devotion and gaining insight into the spiritual world. The acquisition of wisdom in exchange for abandonment of full control over one’s own life and absolute, unconditional humility before the Divine Will.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • twist of fate, crisis, reappraisal of values;
  • sacrifice and self-devotion;
  • going beyond one’s ego, mystical consecration, spiritual awareness.

Qualities: consent, humility, admission, helplessness, dedication, altruism, self-devotion.

Person: mystic, artist, healer, sage. Shaman practicing asceticism and spiritual teachings. Patient, a man in crisis or deadlock.

Eventive meaning:

  • feeling victimised, feeling the impossibility to change circumstances; you are a toy in the hands of fate;
  • addictions, pertinence and inability to recover from dependence;
  • assault; you are scapegoat, deception, humiliation and indignity;
  • wisdom and understanding through ordeals and restrictions;
  • dedication to serve the Spirit;
  • trap, disease;
  • crisis;
  • prayer and meditation, spiritual practices and states; yoga;
  • enlightenment and clairvoyance, prophecy, foolishness;
  • obsession with ghosts and walking on “the other” side;
  • repentance and redemption, confession;
  • stripped of all money;
  • chronic diseases, mental disorders, schizophrenia, drug addiction, alcoholism,suicide;
  • failure in love, great losses and waste of internal forces;
  • fatal situation.

Reversed Hanged Man

Qualities: selfishness, immaturity, idleness and futility, posturing and swagger. Spiritual materialism.

Eventive meaning:

  • breach of promise, a lie for the benefit of one’s own ego;
  • boasting one’s own superiority, to show off and consider him/herself superior to others;
  • resist the educational process;
  • boredom and apathy;
  • crossroads on the path of the Spirit, when the guidelines have not yet been selected and you are waiting for a sign or signal from above;
  • vulnerability, wish to please;
  • unrealised idea, unfulfilled promise;
  • unjust accusation, imprisonment, confinement;
  • lack of faith in God, theomachy, obsession with the material;
  • black magic and magicians, evil eye and broken spirituality;
  • overcoming a crisis.

XIII Death


Tarot Card Symbols: a fiery horse rearing up on its hind legs; its rider is Death himself, carrying a scythe. The horse tramples a dead body lying on the ground. It is no longer a man – only dust and ashes. White doves symbolise the immortal spirit leaving the body at the time death. This is an important moment of transformation: the old and obsolete dies and is transformed into a different quality. This is a transition from one sphere to another, from one stage of life into another. Death seems to be clearing a space for new growth while the fiery horse represents the transforming fire, purgatory. Death in a black hooded cape represents anonymity. In what form will Death appear – he is hidden under the darkness of the unknown. The wings of a fly on Death’s back bring forth an image of something from the world of ghosts: who knows what the spirit of death is and where he comes from. The scythe symbolises Hecate, the decreasing or waning moon, the dark goddess of death embodying the cycles of death and rebirth.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • transformation, destruction and renewal;
  • full overturn in life and associated painful stress;
  • end, completion, conclusion and major changes;
  • decay, rotting, remains, elimination.

Qualities: inevitability, inner wisdom, consistency, severity, bitterness and sadness.

Person: very heavy energetic, depression. Psychological vampire, joy killer. Brings destruction of the habitual.

Eventive meaning:

  • deliverance from limiting conditions, end of the process, cutting off and completion of the cycle;
  • grief, bewailing, mourning, depression;
  • loss, separation, breakup of relations, painful parting;
  • big quarrel, aggression and exacerbation;
  • dismissal, change of place of work;
  • heart attack, clinical death, serious operation, coma;
  • injury and damage, destructive approach;
  • escape and refusal, collapse of deals, contracts, closing of account;
  • blackmail and threats of extortion.

Reversed Death

Qualities: inertness, resistance, entropy, petrifaction, immobility.

Eventive meaning:

  • resistance to inevitable change, delaying the completion of a case;
  • escape from growth, pain and suffering from inability to let go;
  • anxiety and mental anguish, depression;
  • painful process, inability to solve the problem;
  • failure, loss, vain efforts;
  • lack of money;
  • loneliness and dissatisfaction, nursed grievance, no love;
  • sexual anomalies;
  • chronic and incurable diseases, developmental anomalies;
  • vampirism, evil eye;
  • inertia, sleep, lethargy, stagnation and torpor;
  • returning from the dead, clinical death;
  • coma, atrophy;
  • spiritualism, calling spirits, gothic culture and mood, delight in death;
  • menopause.

XIV Temperance


Tarot Card Symbols: an Angel in the centre of the picture pours water from one cup into another. His eyes are lowered and a knowing smile plays on his lips. A spiritual aura surrounds his head. The Angel creates a divine will on earth by creating an alchemical metabolic process. Excessive qualities will subside, while deficient quality will increase. Life is pouring from the unknown and to the known and back. This is a divine act reminding us that the Angel is “the eternal measure”, a vessel carrying out a delicate balance in the whole of the sublunary world. The irises blooming on both sides of the road are a symbol of hope, wisdom, beauty and harmony. In the background two people are shaking their fists and shouting at each other. They capture the essence of instincts and emotions. Poisoning the ground beneath its feet, Rage strikes its roots deep, but the Angel of peace and quiescence transforms the energy of the fighters to reconcile and soothe the warring parties. The Angel teaches us the science of emotional balance, satisfaction and harmony. The hourglass by the road reminds us of time that has stopped. And about the rest of time without which it is impossible to find inner peace or build relationships and resolve conflicts.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • resolution of conflicts, creation of harmony and interaction between the parties;
  • building bridges between two banks, balancing forces and finding homeostasis;
  • patience, forgiveness, compassion and mercy, reconciliation;
  • intuition, sense of proportion and the golden mean.

Qualities: prudence, calm, modesty, patience, foresight. Integrity, beauty, hope, wisdom. Caution and circumspection.

Person: peacemaker, psychotherapist, good friend, honest man who sympathises with you, a doctor, comforter.

Eventive meaning:

  • procedural engagement in a field of activity where fluids are present: homeopathy, medicine, cooking, preparing potions, pharmaceutics;
  • regulation of and search for best criteria and components;
  • guardian angel;
  • baptism, rebirth, renewal, healing;
  • balancing imbalance, reconciliation of opposites;
  • testing, calculation of budget, organisation of relations;
  • merger or consolidation of people, firms or organisations;
  • mutual understanding, compatibility, adaptation;
  • harmony of souls in love;
  • abstinence, curbing and patience;
  • savings and thrift;
  • consoling, support.

Reversed Temperance

Qualities: imbalance, disharmony, conflicts, anxiety and contradiction.

Eventive meaning:

  • intemperance in love, excessive indulgence of the passions;
  • lack of understanding, dissentions, quarrels and recriminations;
  • destruction of family;
  • failure of liabilities, breakup of contracts, reluctance to cooperate, partners who let down;
  • stress, nervous breakdowns;
  • accidents or technical failures;
  • failure of regulating systems (air conditioning, sewerage, water pipes etc.);
  • poor adaptation, difficult study, problems with teachers and professors;
  • energy dissipation, damage of objects, stagnant water;
  • nervous breakdowns, depression, grievances and depression, mood swings;
  • procrastination and wasting time in vain.

XV Devil (Pan)


Tarot Card Symbols: on this card we see Pan, who is half man and half goat, with horns and a tail like a sprightly little devil. He slyly winks at us, cunningly watching and playfully licking his lips; he represents the temptation of the sensual. White wings behind Pan indicate a connection with his fallen angelic nature. Like a puppeteer, he manipulates the woman and man with the chains he holds in his hands. Temptation has already seized them and Pan keeps them on a short leash. Brick walls that surround the man and the woman strengthen the sense of captivity. Pan flirts with us with a lewd smile on his face, his penis is erect and personifies the eternally desirous and thirsty human nature, the instinctual and the untamed, the spontaneous side all humans have. This is a trial of desire and temptation, and most importantly, a check of which forces and means will be used by people to reach satisfaction. Pan addresses everyone personally, sneaking into the most inaccessible and secret corner of the human soul. This is the place where people lie the most to themselves, and it is exactly the place to which Pan appeals. This is why this card is often called the “Dark side of man”.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • trapping temptation, obsession by passions;
  • rock, doom, dark side of all things, of ourselves and our existence;
  • instinctive compulsions and dependence on them;
  • vital strength and its overwhelming influence.

Qualities: dark, shameful, destructive and seductive, pernicious, perverse. Frightening, false, base, lustful, perishing.

Person: tempter having power and using it. This card reads politicians, big businessmen, bankers, having power and influence.

Eventive meaning:

  • strength and energy of vital human nature;
  • negative, dishonest actions for personal enrichment;
  • material interests;
  • big money, but the price is to sacrifice principles;
  • addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual obsession, homosexuality;
  • adulterous relationships, deceit, betrayal and adultery, perversion, illegal relationship, fatal passion;
  • drunkenness, carousing, drinking parties and various hangouts;
  • violence and sexual perversion, intentional infliction of pain on others;
  • intrigues and machinations of enemies, blackmail;
  • temptation and attraction, lust;
  • latent pathology;
  • lies, ignorance and resulting depression and pessimism;
  • illegal activities and crimes of all kinds;
  • constraints and weakening of creative energy;
  • violation of social taboos;
  • 7 deadly sins – wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony;
  • shadow, aspects of personality unaware or hidden by us;
  • traitors, scapegoats;
  • destruction, elimination;
  • black magic.

Reversed Devil (Pan)

Qualities: deliverance, understanding of sin, repentance, righteousness, morality.

Eventive meaning:

  • deliverance from dependence, escape from temptation, from slavery;
  • disclosure of secrets and awareness of sin;
  • coming out of a long-time tormenting situation;
  • deliverance from false prohibitions, limiting stereotypes and prejudices;
  • coming off clear, avoiding retaliation and punishment;
  • recovery, incorrect diagnoses;
  • driving out of demons, exorcism.

XVI Tower

Heavenly scourge.

Tarot Card Symbols: the card shows a high royal tower collapsing, struck by lightning from the heavens. In a cloud of smoke, surrounded by a red glow, the overthrown king and the other inhabitants of the Tower are hurtled down to earth. The fire, in which the leaning tower burns, soars up toward heaven. Built by human hands and encroaching on the heaven, the Tower is a symbol of egotistical human ambitions. The artificial construction is a prototype of pride challenging the Gods. Lightning from heaven is a symbol of divine retribution or providence. God is calling for redemption and destroys the unwanted walls of the lonely towers of human consciousness that rise above the world. The human ego (symbolizing the king with a falling crown) is dethroned and experiences pain and suffering. The tower signifies the ambition and vanity that cause excessive material expansion. This is the destruction of previously limited human representations that keep the spirit in prison.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • pain on the road to revival, demolition of old forms and false values;
  • disaster, stroke, sudden turn of events;
  • deliverance through sudden unpleasant shocks.

Qualities: suddenness, painfulness, undesirability, tragedy, proneness to conflict, destructiveness, wrath and aggression.

Person: destroyer, criminal, odd people. Irritator, a man who creates discomfort. The card often falls on military persons.

Eventive meaning:

  • breakthrough and decline, catastrophes, crashes, accidents;
  • deliverance from the old: rigidity, toughness, intractability; cleaning, cleanup, removal of old things;
  • shake out from complacent state;
  • outbreaks of aggression, anger, disputes, quarrels, conflicts, misunderstanding;
  • destruction of relationships, stress, serious checks for stability of marriage;
  • dangerous situations, violence, assault, robbery;
  • outcome of previously suppressed energy;
  • mad passion, loss of self-control;
  • destruction of a false security sense;
  • inflammations, suppurations and all diseases accompanied by high temperature;
  • bankruptcy, big financial losses, dismissals;
  • insight, innovative idea, enlightenment, shock;
  • orgasm, ejaculation;
  • overthrow and collapse of old authorities;
  • crises, awakening.

Reversed Tower

Qualities: suddenness, pain, anxiety, being on the edge.

Eventive meaning:

  • misfortune happily avoided at the last moment;
  • threat and warning; a dangerously careless attitude toward life;
  • postponing urgent changes;
  • inaction, refusal of responsibility;
  • imprisonment, arrest, captivity;
  • secret birth of child;
  • internal disorder, chaos, wrath;
  • surgery operations, chemotherapy, accidents, wounds and burns;
  • sores, abscesses, purulence, nausea and vomiting; purification from toxins.



Tarot Card Symbols: we see a young girl kneeling across two banks. She is pouring water into the river from blue and green pitchers, personifying the eternal femininity and sensual renewal. Her plaited hair falls into the water, burning stars shine in the sky. The union of water and stars on this card hints that our soul are perhaps connected to the perfection of the cosmos and that they have an extraterrestrial origin. After all, the existence of people on earth “is written on the stars”. The girl washes our souls and elevates them. With the wings of a butterfly on her back, she seems to glow against the background of the dark sky and the blueness of the night. She is innocent and beautiful; the wings give her an ease, as if she comes from a perfect world. The butterfly is a symbol of the soul, a sign of her ability to transform, of colourfulness and richness. The Girl-butterfly, like a muse, gives us the inspiration to live and hope. She embodies the desire of the soul to follow its star and fulfil its mission on earth.

Two pitchers with water suggest the images of the dead and living in this brilliant water. Both bring healing: they cure old wounds and revive.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • higher strength and destiny;
  • hope, rebirth, renewal, healing;
  • forgiveness and reward;
  • deliverance and inner balance, faith.

Qualities: chastity, naturalness, cosmic aspects, idealism, joy, lightness, transparency, inspiration, detachment. Beauty, idealism, talent, exclusivity, spirituality.

Person: well-known, beautiful, incredibly talented. An open-minded and charismatic person. Actors, painters, poets. Seers and clairvoyants.

Eventive meaning:

  • idealized and unusual relationship, platonic love;
  • clairvoyance;
  • faultlessness, perfection;
  • inspiration and creative imagination;
  • emerging from jail;
  • see personal purpose and mission;
  • self-realisation in the long-term project;
  • recognition of your beauty and talent, fame, notoriety;
  • pure ecological system, nature, climate, atmosphere;
  • meditation, rituals;
  • homeopathy and natural medicine;
  • astrology, astronomy and philosophy, spiritual sciences;
  • heaven, stars, fate;
  • Internet, exchange of ideas;
  • satisfaction and fulfilment of desires.

Reversed Star

Qualities: recklessness, arrogance (or, conversely, self-underestimating), disappointment, depression, instability, failure.

Eventive meaning:

  • failure and instability;
  • star-struck; misconceptions about personal status, talent, appearance; arrogance, self-deception;
  • inability to unlock personal talents;
  • end of fame, career, oblivion;
  • loss of hope, love, faith: apathy and depression;
  • loss of soul, loss of inspiration, loneliness;
  • loss of innocence, outrage;
  • low self-esteem, complexes, desire for solitude;
  • unfulfilled expectations;
  • robbery;
  • storm, tempest, disaster;
  • suicide, drug addiction;
  • different sexual orientation;
  • undermining forces, loss of consciousness, insanity, madness;
  • death of relatives or friends.



Tarot Card Symbols: under the cold light of the moon, a white curtain is fluttering at an open window. The Orb of Night bathes the road winding among the hills in a hazy and illusive light. The evening moon mist pours through the open window onto the sleeping girl. Lost deep in herself, she is dreaming. The body of the dream separates from the girl and tends to merge with the mysterious moon in response to its eternal call. The hair of the sleeping girl descends into a world of vague intuitive flows of subconsciousness.

The window on this card represents the boundary between the external and inner world, the curtain symbolises the mysterious veil that separates these two worlds. The window leads us inside, deep into the figurative world of the soul. Moonlight makes the outlines of things mysterious, vague and leads us into endless lands of emotions, fantasies, night and day dreams.

The road under the moon is a symbol of the path into the unknown, stirring the soul. The girl's bed is woven of many small roots that lead deep into our being and reach the very bottom of life and its flow. The sleeping girl represents the passive part of us that lives far from waking consciousness. The dream is the other part of us, a place where the soul is separated from the body and mind, going through our own profound experience of joining the Source.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • power of subconsciousness, elusive images of dreams and vague feelings;
  • illusions, fears and anxious feelings;
  • secrets, intuitive insight and prophetic dreams.

Qualities: ambiguity, nebulosity, uncertainty, perplexity, fearfulness, reticence, instability.

Person: possessing mediumistic gift, artist, actor. May indicate a weak and cowardly personality, but prone to hypersensitivity, with a developed intuition and emotionality. Healers, diviners, diagnosticians.

Eventive meaning:

  • unclear situation;
  • astral plan, fears and illusions;
  • lack of understanding, being bewildered, emotions and their power;
  • out-of-body experience, prophetic dreams, mediumship;
  • alcoholism and drug addiction;
  • secret enemies;
  • secret, occult forces;
  • danger, warning;
  • conspiracies, scandals, slander;
  • theft and deception, falsehood;
  • uncertainty and complexes;
  • false friends;
  • homosexuality;
  • mental disorders and weakness of nervous system, sleepwalking;
  • gynaecological disorders, birth diseases;
  • doing something in secret or under cover of darkness.

Reversed Moon

Qualities: instability, variability, changeability, fluctuations.

Eventive meaning:

  • exposed fraud, deception, not causing any harm;
  • clarification of confusing situations;
  • trivial mistakes, misunderstood words, half-guesses, half-confessions;
  • removal of spells, deliverance from illusions;
  • rationalism, repression of irrational signals;
  • everyday life; boring relationships where everything is scheduled and predictable, boredom;
  • a lot of work, but no flight;
  • returned debts;
  • UFO, meeting aliens, antecedents, manifestation of extreme romanticism and other “strange” experiences and emotions;
  • fear of possession, magic, ghosts.


Strive for light.

Tarot Card Symbols: two children are playing and fooling around in a green and flowering meadow. They are enjoying the warmth of the summer day, the sun and their own carelessness. The large sun is a symbol of life-giving vitality. It nourishes and enlightens, fosters and provides warmth without any conditions. The children rejoice and celebrate life, basking in the sun; they represent a spontaneous inner child who wants to frolic and play and who knows how to live within the moment. This is the eternal youth of our souls, an easiness, joyfulness, innocence.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • clarity, optimism, renewal and happiness;
  • vital origin, fulfilment of dreams;
  • fame, success, respect.

Qualities: activity, victorious, confidence, optimism, life-affirming nature, youth.

Person: optimist. Generous, energetic. Creative leader. If the card falls on a child, it means that the baby is very talented, marked by God.

Eventive meaning:

  • notoriety and glory, good fortune;
  • birth, long-awaited pregnancy;
  • foundation of new enterprise;
  • activities associated with children, work with animals;
  • self-realisation, self-reliance and confidence in personal strength;
  • happiness and well-being, material wealth;
  • good friendship;
  • happy marriage;
  • success, honours, social achievements;
  • holiday;
  • heat, blaze of the sun.

Reversed Sun

Qualities: little joy, incompleteness, discontent, selfishness, ambition, regret, doubt.

Eventive meaning:

  • incomplete success and a sense of light dissatisfaction with the success;
  • melancholy joy, refusal to see joy in life;
  • lack of confidence, not believing that the success and honour are deserved;
  • hide personal inner light from themselves and from other people;
  • throw dust in eyes of other people;
  • self-confidence, inflated ego;
  • cancelled contracts and broken agreements;
  • peaceful divorce;
  • narcissism, vanity and pride;
  • sunburn, heat, flame.

XX Judgement


Tarot Card Symbols: an angel appears among the azure skies in clouds of pink smoke. In his left hand he carries a light, his lips blow into a large golden key. He calls to the dead, waking them from their eternal sleep, and proclaims with his whistle of their resurrection and awakening to a new life. The dead rise from their coffins, bless and praise the angel and say goodbye to death. The angel is a call from heaven, a voice that transforms human life. The key on which he plays is the key to a new life. People discard their coffins, symbols of obsolete models of life that limit ideas. This is a picture of the spiritual rebirth of the human being, his redemption and forgiveness. The colours on the card – coral, orange, bright green – witness the affirmation of life, energy and renewal. The earth symbolises a physical, material reality. The angel represents going beyond this reality and the limiting circumstances of life.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • call to the true destination;
  • rejuvenation, renewal, awakening;
  • revival from nonentity;
  • redemption, forgiveness, changes for the better.

Qualities: rationality, common sense, understanding, morality, sobriety, seriousness, profoundness.

Person: analyst, psychotherapist, preacher. Organiser of large gatherings and groups.

Eventive meaning:

  • beginning of a new stage in life, change of paradigm, activity;
  • redemption of bygone sins and mistakes, psychotherapy, treatment of old traumas;
  • return of old friends;
  • reassessment of values, self-rethinking;
  • retribution for actions in the past;
  • criticism and public censure;
  • adherence to the highest truth;
  • acting in accordance with law;
  • inheritance affairs, marriage (with the Cups);
  • court trials (with the Swords);
  • dealing with major public institutions: courts, commissions, committees and councils;
  • protecting the interests of a group, family, organisation, public speaking, spokesmanship, giving public seminars;
  • the right to one’s own voice, voting;
  • bills, invoicing;
  • mission;
  • sober relations; alienation in marriage.

Reversed Judgement

Qualities: alienation, confusion, stagnation, irritability, lack of confidence, impatience, hopelessness, stagnation and decay.

Eventive meaning:

  • limiting old habits, reluctance to accept the new;
  • serious severe diseases, deterioration, loss of strength of spirit;
  • elderly people: death;
  • estrangement, alienation, indifference, and cooling in mutual relations;
  • breakdown of family union;
  • forced change of residence;
  • sentence, arrest;
  • losing court cases;
  • loss of income sources, delays in payouts, loan default;
  • barriers in society, inability to agree with people;
  • not invited to the event; miss important news or information;
  • conflict and hostility at the group level;
  • severe criticism from the outside.

XXI World


Tarot Card Symbols: a golden-haired woman dances against the background of a blue sky. She holds two wands in her hands, balancing her movement and that around her. The serpent encircling her and biting its own tail is Ouroboros, a symbol of eternal life and permanent renewal. The cycle is complete, the beginning and the end have locked in a unity. The end gives rise to the beginning and the beginning will someday lead to the end. The dancing girl is a prototype of Eve – always a creative origin in the world – she continues her dance, constantly creating new forms. The serpent and the girl are surrounded by four elements and aspects of integrity: fire, air, earth and water. Each element is represented by a mythological creature symbolising the qualities of different spheres, sometimes contradictory, which join into a single unity in our lives: Man (water), Eagle (air), Leo (fire), Bull (earth). The integrity of this card is the unity it has in all approaches, all things and all elements. The beginning and the end of events, the circle of time, passage into eternity.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • the end, completion, victory;
  • deserved reward, achievement of goal and abundance;
  • freedom, breakout to a wider space, victory over restrictions.

Qualities: integrity, satisfaction, happiness, unity, globality, comprehensiveness, planetarity.

Person: happy, holistic, talented. Someone who has achieved much in life. Talent and self-realisation. Widely known.

Eventive meaning:

  • resolution of contradictions;
  • journey, distant countries, window into the world;
  • successful project, idea or place under the sun;
  • steps towards individuation and integrity;
  • greatest time of joy and openness;
  • deserved reward, career promotion;
  • global thinking, international relations;
  • honour, respect and fame, significant professional achievements;
  • good health;
  • emigration, flight by aircraft;
  • synthesis and integration;
  • if this card falls during pregnancy: marked by Higher Forces;
  • revelation and spiritual rebirth;
  • death and easy going to the other world (for the elderly).

Reversed World

Qualities: incompleteness, dissatisfaction, anxiety, narrowness, disappointment. The card deteriorates the meaning of negative nearby cards and improves among positive ones.

Eventive meaning:

  • deferred awards and promotions;
  • feeling of emptiness upon completion of a project;
  • unattainable goal;
  • postpartum depression, completed design and subsequent disappointment;
  • problems with travels;
  • redoing something already completed, the unfinished work;
  • lost opportunities, closed off from the world;
  • inertia and stagnation;
  • loss of status, failure, catastrophe;
  • delays;
  • disasters;
  • surgical interventions; death.

The Minor Arcana


Ace of Wands

Spirit of creativity.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see a wand surrounded by fiery whirlwinds and lightning. It burns in the flame, giving off light and energy. At the same time, the wand is a match that can strike fire. Everything begins with a push, an impulse, a spark, friction – and the match (wand) catches fire. Fire impulse is the Divine creative force on earth, which creates and burns simultaneously. This is the Kundalini force, sexual, creative energy in Oriental philosophy, and a deep creative need striving for realisation in everyone. If it does not build up in the outside world, it becomes destructive and burns from the inside.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • impetus for creative activity and realisation of ideas;
  • opportunity, approval from Higher Forces, impetus for development;
  • huge potential, beginning, new cycle of growth and opportunities.

Qualities: passion, ardour, youth, potential for development, spontaneity and inspiration.

Person: young, passionate, endowed with talents and great future, creative and active.

Eventive meaning:

  • new project, new job, birth of a child, any beginning;
  • passionate and arduous actions;
  • taking up the challenge of destiny and beginning the changes, a chance;
  • letter, order, edict, announcement, principle;
  • news, scientific discovery;
  • erection, desire, passion;
  • strength, power, authority;
  • new relations or revival of old ones;
  • energy resources;
  • “Yes”"

Reversed Ace of Wands

Qualities: “No!”, “Not now”, “No thoroughfare!”, inactivity, loss of enthusiasm, unpreparedness for changes that are knocking on the door.

Eventive meaning:

  • risk of a false start, rashness;
  • immature project, bad idea;
  • something slows down the process (neighbouring cards);
  • affairs are delayed, opportunities slip away, agreements are canceled, plans and trips are postponed ;
  • stitch-up tricks, lack of interest;
  • immaturity and lack of self-confidence;
  • lack of strength, loss of enthusiasm, ineffective actions, fears;
  • disease, powerlessness, impotence;
  • decline, breakdown;
  • punishment, thrashing;
  • illegitimate birth, difficult delivery.

Two of Wands

Spirit of action balance.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see a painter holding a pencil in her right hand and a brush in the left. She sits frozen in front of a blank canvas, implying some uncertainty: there is a point drawn on the canvas, the idea was born, paints and brushes are available, and the girl is contemplating how to better implement her design in the picture. She hesitates and gazes at the space, and waits to see a sign or confirmation from the Spirit of her internal plan.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • being on the threshold of important decision, hesitating whether to use a new opportunity, being uncertain, resisting;
  • striving to new creative horizons, balance of forces and influences;
  • collaboration, alliance.

Qualities: honesty, openness, beginning of action, equality, partnership.

Person: the one who can be a friend and a respectful, honest and open person. Good business partner. Knows nothing about business but is full of desire to go forward, believes and trusts, is reliable. Man of honesty.

Eventive meaning:

  • start of new business, test of strength, beginning of professional development;
  • ignorance, inexperience; sincere faith and enthusiasm;
  • partnership, collaboration;
  • framework and rules;
  • search for a partner and assistance;
  • uncertainty and doubt.

Reversed Two of Wands

Qualities: unexpectedness, suddenness, surprises, gullibility, susceptibility, naivety.

Eventive meaning:

  • sudden change of plans, surprises and suddenly revealed circumstances;
  • deceptions through gullibility, dishonesty of partners, lack of confidence;
  • failure, assaults, intrigues;
  • losses, dismissals, demotions;
  • uncertainty and lack of skill;
  • unfavourable paperwork.

Three of Wands

Spirit of Prospect and development.

Tarot Card Symbols: a girl has climbed up a wooden ladder to the stone wall of a castle. She is delighted with the prospect that opens up in front of her – perhaps she sees that the world is wide and huge and there are a hundred roads in front of her, tempting her to start for distant lands. The rungs of the ladder upon which the girl is standing are three wands – they indicate that some steps must be first taken before the big picture can be seen. The stone castle wall challenges creative force and curiosity, as if to say: this is a challenge from destiny, have the guts to overcome me! It's time to come out into the light! The start of plans, new people and opportunities are waiting for you!

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • examination of new project, exploration of territory, journey;
  • prospects of development, long-term project;
  • supervise the process, guide the actions of others;
  • collective activity in trade, business.

Qualities: confidence, strength and courage, activity, boldness and entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity, self-reliance.

Person: forward-looking, prudent, strategist, businessman. Commercial abilities.

Eventive meaning:

  • negotiations in the sphere of business, trade, planning and designing;
  • promising enterprise, seeing big opportunities;
  • travel;
  • initiative, desire finally acquires its practical embodiment;
  • fruitful cooperation, good communication with people;
  • respect and honesty;
  • teamwork;
  • scientific discoveries.

Reversed Three of Wands

Qualities: self-confidence, bragging, lack of foresight, distrust, cowardice.

Eventive meaning:

  • collapse of plans, no prospects;
  • short-sighted actions and hasty decisions;
  • fear of taking risks and fulfilling a dream, uncertainty, doubt;
  • isolation, climbing into one’s shell and sitting there, lack of good contact with people;
  • uncertainty about the future, delays, setback;
  • responsibility for own actions;
  • interrupted process; an error;
  • profitless and prospectless business;
  • emigration.

Four of Wands

Spirit of holiday.

Tarot Card Symbols: a cauldron full of almost boiled, aromatic pilaf. The cauldron stands on an open flame (symbolising the emotional warmth of creative human energy), it contains everything: both fragrant spices (symbolising the edge of life), rice (the foundation of all things) and delicious meat (festive meal). Hands reach out from all sides for the cauldron and the chargrill with the wish to taste the tempting victuals, preparations come to an end and the long-awaited and earned feast will start – it is a holiday. The pilaf denotes our creative efforts that are crowned with a well-deserved result. Everything in this picture resembles the completed mandala – the balance of power, completeness and symmetry.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Celebration, completion, fullness, culmination of efforts, fruits of labour;
  • rituals and ceremonies;
  • family, ancestors;
  • social medium and community.

Qualities: experience, optimism, joyfulness, simplicity, family.

Person: family man, reliable, calm, optimistic, appreciates time and the joys of life.

Eventive meaning:

  • wedding, celebration of ample figures, birthday, engagement;
  • ceremonies and conclusion of alliances; assemblies, gatherings, parties, meetings;
  • fun and relaxation, joyous event, recreation or vacation;
  • contracts, agreements, conventions;
  • prosperity, awards, fruits of labour, solid foundation for growth and development;
  • family.

Reversed Four of Wands

Qualities: prosperity, nostalgia for the outgoing.

Eventive meaning:

  • family as a golden cage;
  • family celebrations and banquets;
  • destruction of conventions, unconventional marriage, conflict with traditions;
  • dissatisfaction at official event, holiday spoiled by some incident, failure, fool at an event;
  • “empty nest” syndrome when children leave the home;
  • hole, gap, lacuna, damage;
  • moving from parental home.

Five of Wands

Spirit of competition and contest.

Tarot Card Symbols: five women's feet on a rug – only a few women have a claim on the rug; everyone wants to be standing on it with both feet, challenging each other. There is something sexual in the way they are standing with their feet apart: it is a struggle associated with self-assertion and the expansion of the spheres and boundaries of personal influence. As if each of woman is confident that it she is the best.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • bringing discord into a stable situation;
  • conflict, quarrel, challenge, strain, resistance;
  • competition and rivalry;
  • desire to prove something, show and prove themselves.

Qualities: irritability, activity, ambition, comparison and competitive spirit.

Person: rival, competitive, ambitious, aggressive, a bit like a teenager.

Eventive meaning:

  • competition and rival parties, struggle against opposing opinions;
  • disputes, quarrels, conflicts at work and in relationships;
  • fierce struggle and criticism, defence of personal opinion;
  • skirmishes, fighting and irreconcilable contradictions, contrary actions;
  • puberty and formation of personality;
  • competition in sports, tournament, game, sound aggression, struggle for success;
  • burst of sexual energy and activity;
  • obstacles, destruction of a certain fixation.

Reversed Five of Wands

Qualities: smoothing things over, non-participation in disputes; a clean getaway, watching the fight from the sidelines, but not becoming involved.

Eventive meaning:

  • compromise, overcoming obstacles and contradictions, end of hostility;
  • withdrawal from conflict, professional intervention to solve it;
  • bribes, sycophancy, flattery and deception, devious ways to solutions;
  • suspended state, sabotage;
  • inner agitation, inner conflict;
  • joint working in a unified team;
  • cancellation of sports events;
  • litigation and proceedings, fines, delayed cases.

Six of Wands

Spirit of victory.

Tarot Card Symbols: a woman stands on the top of a podium and spreads her hands in the euphoria of victory that represents Nike, the winged goddess of victory. Six roses six wands – soar in the air, raining down on the triumphant victress, experiencing success, power and veneration by the crowd. Her wings symbolise the freedom of the manifested human spirit, seeking to overcome the insurmountable, and her hair in the wind represents the feeling of strength and beauty. The rose is the eternal symbol of glory and love.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • victory, triumph, success, growth in a social medium, career, promotion, overcoming obstacles;
  • pride and elevation of a man due to courage, skill and boldness;
  • award, public recognition.

Qualities: popularity, success, strength and recognition, admiration.

Person: leader who consolidates people around him, winner, chief. The one who will be able to lead the way. Strong charisma. Public person, active in society, self-confident. Organiser. Conductor. Spokesperson.

Eventive meaning:

  • advancement of status, recognition in society, honour and success;
  • victories, medals, prizes;
  • raising to pedestal, hoping, imposing the responsibility;
  • speaking before public, politics, gathering people;
  • popularity;
  • accomplishment of desires, progress.

Reversed Six of Wands

Qualities: conceit, cult of personality, self-importance.

Eventive level:

  • treachery, betrayal, unfaithfulness;
  • envy, jealousy, distrust;
  • loss of status, losing face, overthrow from heights;
  • loss, defeat, failure.

Seven of Wands

Spirit of self-defence.

Tarot Card Symbols: the card depicts a red-haired woman in the state of righteous anger. The broom (the seventh wand is in the woman’s hands) embodies the brave, purifying strength of spirit residing inside everyone and that often wakes up in the most crucial circumstances. The woman tries to withstand the attack of dark forces by using her inner strength and light; the red dress is her state of sound aggression while her red hair represents fiery spontaneity, rebellion, disobedience.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • courage, boldness, self-defence, protection of personal boundaries, resistance to external factors;
  • a clash, battle for themselves, tension, conflict.

Qualities: strong energy, heroism, fearlessness, perseverance, dedication, self-overcoming, energetic purification. Persistence and faith in victory.

Person: hero, warrior, able to resist, strong-willed. Sportsman, military person.

Eventive meaning:

  • test that must be borne, challenge that must be taken;
  • self-defence, energy attack;
  • conflicts in relationships, no love and harmony;
  • competition in business (for business this card is favourable in the beginning of spread);
  • bold and heroic deed;
  • interferences.

Reversed Seven of Wands

Qualities: hastiness, unpreparedness to fight, excitement and anxiety, defence, weak will, cowardice and servility.

Eventive meaning:

  • protective and barricade structures against peace and the elimination of these structures;
  • paranoia, keeping others at a distance;
  • inaction, caution, cowardice, embarrassment;
  • depression of strength and incompetence, confusion;
  • losses, deprival and victims.

Eight of Wands

Spirit of rapid movement.

Tarot Card Symbols: a lot of air, wind and air currents are depicted on this card. These are the waves of thoughts and information flows between people. The aircraft expresses this spirit of rapid movement; this is an energy moving at great speed above the earth toward the target. Telephone poles also point to electrical brain activity, the speed of information transfer and perspective. With a lot of light and air on this card, it is quite the world of ideas and the world of eternally moving energy.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • unexpected ideas, insights, news, messages;
  • flow of life and energy of life;
  • travel, speed of movement.

Qualities: abundance of ideas, euphoria, winged mood, speed, energy, freedom

Person: hasty, energetic, fast. Pilot, postman, telegraph operator, merchant, messenger.

Eventive meaning:

  • rapid development of events;
  • passion, being in love;
  • great ideas and enthusiasm, scientific discoveries;
  • travel by air, manoeuvres, horseracing, races; everything associated with speed;
  • telephone, mail, Internet, information;
  • transfer of information and documents, commercial and banking transactions, business trips;
  • letter, telephone call, news from far off;
  • progress, though with a certain haste;
  • unpredictability, suddenness, bustle, excitement;
  • vacation, journey, distant lands;
  • fresh air, nature.

Reversed Eight of Wands

Qualities: losing firm ground, decay, immobility.

Eventive meaning:

  • obstructions, delays, suspensions and slowdowns, strikes;
  • jealousy, irritation, remorse, cooling in relationships;
  • obstacles and troubles, collapse of plans, failed journey;
  • poor communication, disagreements and conflicts;
  • panic, hysteria, anxiety;
  • insubordination, incompatibility.

Nine of Wands

Spirit of fortitude.

Tarot Card Symbols: a sweet girl has cut herself off from the world with the help of wands stuck into the ground, resembling military fortifications. She feels tired and defenceless, she needs time to be alone and defend herself. Her posture shows fatigue, while the wands in the background indicate a strong base. But the wand grasped in the girl’s left hand still indicates a possible threat.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • patience, defending what you own, spiritual maturity, fortitude;
  • maintaining dignity and respect;
  • suspicion, anticipation of threats, defence.

Qualities: maturity, patience, fatigue, heaviness, dignity, respect. Skill, confidence and might, prudence, wisdom.

Person: project manager, master’s degree student, advocate of interests, attorney, lawyer. Guard, military person, security guard. A man with strong character, hostile and suspicious.

Eventive meaning:

  • withstand the toughest situations;
  • skills and experience, discipline;
  • prudent action, caution and wisdom;
  • protection of interests of customers or other people;
  • big project in social structures;
  • premonition of future problems and vision of enemies and rivals;
  • estrangement, fatigue, isolation, leave after battle;
  • independence, alienation;
  • protective mechanisms, inflexibility, stubbornness, obstinacy;
  • delays and postponements;
  • frustration, energetic prostration.

Reversed Nine of Wands

Qualities: alienation, exhaustion, hopelessness, closed off.

Eventive meaning:

  • karmic retribution, bashing;
  • exaggerated possibilities and overestimated strengths;
  • exhaustion, nervous breakdown, severe fatigue;
  • setback in career or deadlock in development;
  • avoidance of responsibility and revision of liabilities;
  • stuck in a stalemate, imprisonment, wish to escape from oppression;
  • personal cross borne by the person;
  • trials and challenges;
  • greed for own inner experience, unwillingness to share;
  • diseases of immune system;
  • deportation, exile, alienation and loneliness.

Ten of Wands

Spirit of burden of liabilities.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see a disturbing picture: a mother, carrying a heavy bag and with a bundle of ten wands on her shoulders, is going to climb a steep rocky slope. She tries to persuade her daughter climb with her or help her, but the girl is whining and resisting – she does not wish to climb. It symbolises our inner spontaneous nature, our id, or inner child, that refuses to collaborate with us if we shoulder many affairs and liabilities (10 wands). The black stones symbolise the toil and obstacles we experience when shouldering the burden of responsibility and commitment.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • overload, fatigue, “burnout”;
  • obligations that are very difficult to fulfil, a burden, responsibility;
  • huge ambitions, activity and being demand in society;
  • sense of duty.

Qualities: overwhelming work, fatigue, depression, earnestness, joylessness.

Person: responsible professional, family man with heaps of responsibilities, Head of enterprise. Workaholic, struggler.

Eventive meaning:

  • unfair and painful burden of obligations;
  • rush job at work;
  • “burnout”, fatigue, illness due to overstrain;
  • family responsibilities, a lot of matters and concerns;
  • trap, cage, hopelessness, emotional despair;
  • penance, punishment, slavery;
  • duty, bearing a personal cross;
  • professionalism, being in demand;
  • homestretch.

Reversed Ten of Wands

Qualities: inconsistence, lack of confidence, withdrawal from something, futility.

Eventive meaning:

  • dropped burden, deliverance from hardships;
  • transfer of responsibility and get-out from difficulties; delegation;
  • nervous breakdown, preinfarction angina, despair, loss of meaning of life;
  • escape from difficulties, denial of labour value;
  • forgery, fraud, mistake, trap;
  • lies, hypocrisy, conspiracy;
  • work never finished; fruitless efforts;
  • collapse of ambitions;
  • cleanup, cleansing, deliverance from the old, moving to or leaving for another city or country;
  • losses, intrigues, betrayals;
  • disease, virus.

Daughter (Page) of Wands

Child of spontaneous outbursts.


Tarot Card Symbols: a young charmer dances around a pole, playing with sexual energy – a coiled serpent. She tempts and awakens creative impulses, teases and challenges, symbolising the awakening of spontaneity and dormant creative fire. The fire represents sexual desire, the wand the girl is dancing around is a symbol of the backbone, the core of life. With small horns on hear head, her image is somewhat demonic and unbridled. This dance represents sexual desire in its purest form. From creative impulse to realisation of passion. These are instincts that break free – shameless, unceremonious and spontaneous.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • inductive impulse;
  • carelessness, teasing, brazenness, naturalness, seduction, hot passions, spontaneity;
  • creative inspiration, creative impulse, a spark that can start a fire.

Qualities: easiness of being, spontaneity, naïveté, childishness, excitement, impulsivity, hot-temperedness and affectability.

Ardour and fervour, gaiety and joy, boldness and courage, curiosity.

But at the same time – carelessness, recklessness and irresponsibility.

Person: wishing to surprise, try one’s own strength. Portrayed by openness, lightness, sociability. May be a spontaneous, restless teenager or child full of life.

A man who has a lot of ideas.

A child requiring much attention.

A person who strives for recognition, but is at the same time naive, has not yet broken of his or her horns on the path of life.

Eventive meaning:

  • new beginnings associated with social medium;
  • spring, optimism, new meeting, a chance to start something new, changes in the direction of dynamics and development;
  • promotion of business, good start of a process, enthusiasm;
  • rapid and spontaneous beginning, new ideas;
  • flirtation, passion, being in love, new adventure, erotic seduction;
  • adventure;
  • the card also indicates he appearance of news or messages, a messenger with new information bringing changes (mostly for the better);
  • surprises and wonders, amazement!

Reversed Daughter of Wands

Qualities: loss of enthusiasm – nothing brings joy. Fear of changes, fear of the new, joylessness. Boredom, no interest, emptiness and illusiveness.

Futility, fickleness.

Eventive meaning:

  • infantilism;
  • capricious and insolent children, boastful, hyperactive;
  • problems with concentration;
  • unshared enthusiasm;
  • adulteries, unfaithfulness, failed first step;
  • wrong way;
  • dilettantism; risky and gambling games;
  • slothful student, lack of composure and slacking, dirty trick;
  • petty losses; rejected opportunities;
  • children’s mischief and tricks;
  • bad news (refusals, prohibitions).

Son (Knight) of Wands

Youth seeking adventures.


Tarot Card Symbols: Chingachgook, a young tribal chief, covered with tattoos and decorated with bird feathers, holds a spear in his hand. He is full of strength, youth, energy and exudes aggressiveness, health and the desire for action, hunting and adventure. The headdress symbolises his hot blood; he is a daredevil. The tattoos on his body indicate his sexual maturity, his time of entry into manhood, as well as protect him from evil spirits and give him invulnerability in battle. He stands against the background of untamed nature with roaming lions and wild animals. This character is ready for dynamic situations and combat, he is a pioneer, a pathfinder, a hunter and conqueror of wildlife.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • impatience, perseverance, courage, enthusiasm;
  • this is the beginning of action, wild adventure and the path to the goal, the desire for great accomplishments, positive and creative masculine origin, ambitions, romance of adventures;
  • initiative, but at the same time irritation and aggression; he is hard to stop. He can be irrepressible.

Qualities: ardour, impetuosity, zeal and thirst for freedom of action.

Changeability of feelings and aspirations; spreads himself thin. Impatience, hastiness, unpredictability, irritability and a tendency to exaggerate everything. I want all and at once: this is the motto of the Son of Wands.

Person: warrior, full of noble fervour and eager to explore the unknown. The archetype of a hero who is left searching. Ardent in love, but not for long. This person can do the impossible, break up long-standing obstacles, melt the glaciers and move the mountains.

He is an eternal adolescent who needs never-ending adventures, new toys and a permanent adrenaline rush.

Eventive meaning:

  • Road, departure, leaving, journey, business trip;
  • road to the unknown, moving, relocation and new lands;
  • events will progress quickly, dynamically;
  • experiments and improvisation;
  • storm and stress, rebellion and search;
  • passionate love.

Reversed Son of Wands

Qualities: extravagance, disorderliness, dilettantism, impatience, foolishness and recklessness. Confusion and chaos, no way out for aggressive energy.

Eventive meaning:

  • groundless rebellion, may make a real mess of things;
  • symbolizes hooliganism and a violent temper, desperate fraud;
  • criminals and gangs;
  • rush headlong;
  • discord and disagreements, quarrels;
  • sexual ruthlessness (sex as a sport);
  • leaving business unfinished.

Queen of Wands

Wife, endowed with a passionate, independent nature.

Irresistible actress.

Tarot Card Symbols: the card depicts a red-haired, smiling woman. She seems to tease us, opening her soul and body, calling for delight and sensual impulses. The wand in her hand indicates her power and self-control. Her laughing eyes speak of a challenge, while her smile is seductive. She is full of a thirst for life, she wants to shine and conquer hearts. She defies society and wins. She is an actress and the soul of a company. The black cat on her knees symbolises her independent, free nature, her aggressiveness and skill in standing up for herself, as well as her spontaneous sexuality. Sunflowers at both sides of her hair suggest her warmth and optimism.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • thirst for life and fullness of desire;
  • confident, resolute and mature woman;
  • aspiration for independence and autonomy.

Qualities: extraversion. Independence, optimism, persistence, openness and honesty, passion, boldness, bravery and courage. Ardour in love.

Self-reliance, authoritativeness, aggression and craft to achieve own goals. Will and intellect directed toward satisfying desires.

Vitality, entrepreneurial spirit, competence.

Person: female-leader, charming and sexy. An independent, passionate person who makes decisions by herself. Romantic nature. Strives to be the centre of attention, for self-actualisation.

Eventive meaning:

  • acting in one’s own interests, leading a project, social activity and realisation;
  • own business;
  • female charisma and charm;
  • success in business, patronage;
  • the situation is already formed and the result will be positive.

Reversed Queen of Wands

Qualities: cunning, injustice, discontent, dissatisfaction of ambitions, selfish and imperious action.

Wrath, hysteria, levity and inconstancy, irritability.

Eventive meaning:

  • someone disaffected towards us, ill-wisher;
  • competitor in love;
  • dangerous temptress and intrigante;
  • sexual aggression and danger;
  • envious person and bitch;
  • collapse of plans; unfair rivalry and malevolence;
  • may denote fornication, unfaithfulness, images of a cheat and cheats.

King of Wands

Man who made himself through the creative process.

Tarot Card Symbols: the mature king in the prime of his life depicted on this card wears an ermine cape – a symbol of royal power and wealth, its red colour indicating the passionate energy of the king, his ambition, activity and strength. But the look and stature of the King radiate kindness and a love for life. He is a humane, loving King. The fiery salamander in his hand is a symbol of the energy of this suit, his guardian spirit and intuitive advisor. Green shoots on the wand symbolise young and changeable spirit of the King who has not been hardened by power, but is constantly changing and follows the Divine Will.

This is the blossom of masculinity and social implementation.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • leadership, the very principle of power, exercising free will, positive direction, progress;
  • creativity, self-realisation, constructive action, ideas of humanism and high ideals;
  • power and majesty due to honesty, intelligence and conscience.

Qualities: kind-heartedness and expertise, generosity, pride, maturity, respect, courage, skill, confidence and self-respect, talent, knowledge.

Determination, boldness and activity.

Person: great leader, organiser, politician, king, big boss, head. A socially active man who has realised himself, possessing intelligence and inner strength. Competent in his business. He has his own faith, for the sake of which he is ready to go a long way; he is energetic, sometimes aggressive – he stands up for his territory.

Eventive meaning:

  • bringing the situation under control, taking risk;
  • run a business, manage other people;
  • achievement of maturity;
  • decisive actions, heroic deed;
  • personal motivation;
  • useful social contacts, high positions in society, respect;
  • fair advice.

Reversed King of Wands

Qualities: impatience and intolerance. Cruelty and bitterness, anger, arrogance and self-confidence, pride, authoritativeness, selfishness and irrepressible vanity. Heartless commander. Or, conversely, an infirm nature.

Eventive meaning:

  • excess of authoritative powers;
  • dictator and autocrat;
  • take a strong stand, won’t budge;
  • unreasonable use of force and power;
  • demonstrating own superiority;
  • offending someone with aggressive behaviour;
  • gets very angry when facing resistance or rejection;
  • inefficiency
  • requires unquestioned obedience and does not come round;
  • despotism and fanaticism;
  • lack of masculinity of a man or father.


Ace of Cups

Spirit of soul life.

Tarot Card Symbols: on this card we see the sea – the vastness of human emotions and the depth of emotional stress. The Cup represents the aqueous suit, while the water itself symbolises our emotions, feelings and intuitive depths: the maternal environment we come from and which we carry in ourselves. The Cup represents a gentle human soul and its innermost, the nectar of the soul – love. A dove on the rim is a symbol of peace and the grace of God’s spirit. The fish, upon which the cup stands, carries it under water, symbolising the source of our sensual world: the subconscious, innermost layer of our psyche. Messages from the depths are inexpressible in words and come in the form of vague images and dreams, as if from beneath deep water. The Moon rules the life of our biological rhythms and emotions.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • love, mystery of love, birth of new sense;
  • source of life, the soul, faith, confidence, security;
  • deep satisfaction, happiness and emotional renewal.

Qualities: peace, quietness, novelty, satisfaction, joy, beauty.

Idealism, elevation, openness.

Person: kind, caring, sincere, soulful.

Eventive meaning:

  • true love, romance;
  • readiness for new love, new opportunities for the expression of emotions;
  • full table, hospitable welcoming of guests;
  • heart overfilled with inspiration, pleasure, emotional swell;
  • open communication with other people, spiritual revelation, self-disclosure;
  • pregnancy, conception;
  • dreams, visions, intuition;
  • good news, invitations;
  • beauty, joy, faithfulness;
  • home and family, mother, beloved.

Reversed Ace of Cups

Qualities: expectation, shyness, incompleteness, emotional emptiness or hunger, closed off, passivity, dependence.

Eventive meaning:

  • refusal, loss of love and disappointment;
  • emptiness, depletion;
  • unshared or rejected love;
  • abuse of sensual life, gluttony, drunkenness;
  • emotional hunger;
  • gynaecological disorders, infertility, erosion, destruction, mutation;
  • deception, dissatisfaction of feelings;
  • addiction and bad habits.

Two of Cups

Spirit of mutual love.

Tarot Card Symbols: two cranes are depicted on the card at the time of their love game; they sing their song, dance and kiss. The two Cups represent their souls, intertwined in ecstasy. An ocean of boundless sensual joy surrounds them, their voices ascend to heaven. The pink and crimson background is a combination of tenderness and passion, the energy of interactive process. The crane is an ancient symbol of divine will; this bird is the first to herald the coming of spring and new life. In Christian tradition, the crane symbolises the renewal and resurrection, while the cranes’ dance (geranikos) during mating season is considered the image and embodiment of vivacity and love.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • mutual love, respect, harmonious communication, equality, understanding;
  • good-natured interaction and cooperation;
  • association for fruitful exchange and ultimate goal.

Qualities: harmony, beauty, understanding, love and sensitivity.

Person: audient, loving and understanding of others. In love.

Eventive meaning:

  • strength of attraction between a man and a woman;
  • interchange of energies, reunion, spiritual aspiration for the lost (non-integrated) part of himself;
  • closeness and intimacy between two people, swelling of the heart;
  • partnership and shared luck;
  • empathy, sympathy, combination;
  • forgiveness and reconciliation, friendship, harmony;
  • engagement, marriage, bridge, alliance;
  • happiness.

Reversed Two of Cups

Qualities: poor emotional compatibility, separation.

Eventive meaning:

  • quarrel, spat, conflicts and misunderstanding;
  • jealousy
  • parting and divorce;
  • cast-off love, misunderstanding in love, unanswered love;
  • temporary problems in relations, harmless quarrels;
  • undermined confidence, faithlessness, sexual dissatisfaction;
  • venereal diseases;
  • someone refuses to meet you halfway.

Three of Cups

Spirit of joy.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see an iridescent magic ritual. Three girls hold cups of wine in their hands, using the energy and power of their beauty to call on Dionysus and taste the joy of life and celebrate the fullness with joy and youth. The colours of life reel around the girls, who are full of love, youth, flushed by the wine and ready to launch into bliss. The clover in the centre is a symbol of vital energy.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Cheerfulness, exhilaration for life, joy;
  • success, luck, healing;
  • holiday, party, get-together;
  • unions and gatherings.

Qualities: unrestrained, youth, joy, sexuality.

Person: talented, cheerful, sociable, happy, a devoted friend.

Eventive meaning:

  • recognition, popularity, bohemian lifestyle;
  • women’s gatherings and parties, rituals of female power and magic circle, magical practices, rituals of appeal;
  • joyous party or feast;
  • fun, sex contacts, entertainment, having a good time;
  • union, alliance, elective affinity;
  • successful completion of the project;
  • assistance from peers, mutual support;
  • exaltation, joy, recognition;
  • success in literature, poetry, fashion, music and fine arts, dancing to exhaustion;
  • conception.

Reversed Three of Cups

Qualities: joylessness, excessiveness, drawback.

Eventive meaning:

  • satiety, depravity, abuse of food, drugs and alcohol;
  • joyless being, longing for fun;
  • addiction, addictive behaviour;
  • drunken debauchery, orgy;
  • lack of cooperation, exclusion from the circle or community;
  • envy, ostracism;
  • theft from familiar people;
  • foolishness, emptiness, self-indulgence;
  • falls, accidents;
  • delays.

Four of Cups

Spirit of satiety.

Tarot Card Symbols: the card shows the separation between the spiritual world (on top) and the world of human experience, where the overflowing cups of ripe cherries symbolise the sensory perceptions of the world. The cherry is a fruit of paradise; the girl embracing the cherries has locked in her sensual inner feelings and does not notice the blessed treasure pouring upon her from the fourth cup. The hand of heaven symbolises the Divine Grace and gifts of the Spirit, which go unnoticed by the girl.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Apathy, satiety, laziness, overfilling, fatigue, emotional closed off and loneliness, boredom;
  • safety and stability of senses;
  • home.

Qualities: calmness. Still water, self-gratification, femininity, bad mood passing into apathy, torpidity.

Person: emotionally closed, deep in own emotions, lazy, apathetic, immoderate, dully longing for life.

Indifferent, tired, hurt, angry.

Eventive meaning:

  • luxury, abundance;
  • home, security, ideal of hearth and home;
  • stability of feelings, boredom, routine, stagnation in affairs;
  • care, emotional warmth, motherhood, symbiosis and fusion, affection;
  • security and love, but with an element of restriction;
  • carrying a child;
  • embrace, surrounded by care and attention;
  • possessiveness, ownership;
  • desire to limit possibilities of other person through excessive attachment;
  • nursing the resentment, irritation and annoyance;
  • the card shows a complicated emotional revelation, the person stays alone with own feelings, experiencing the inner discontent and dissatisfaction with others;
  • dreaming, meditating, relaxing, being lazy, fruitless reflexes;
  • ignoring the gift or a chance.

Reversed Four of Cups

Qualities: searching for new opportunities; listening that the soul wants to move forward.

Eventive meaning:

  • escape stagnation, anxiety, need for new impressions;
  • novelty and surge of feelings;
  • new opportunities and new goals;
  • building new plans, second wind;
  • sign, token or premonition;
  • prediction.

Five of Cups

Spirit of disappointment.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see a man sitting next to three broken cups that symbolise hope, joy and life aspirations. The black cloak he wears is a symbol of sadness and withdrawal from the world. With despair frozen in his posture and deep in his emotion, the man neither notices that life goes on, nor the two cups that are still full; but grief has seized him and he has turned his attention o his inner world.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Disappointment and pain, tears, sorrow;
  • great changes, parting;
  • period of depression, decline;
  • heartache.

Qualities: hopelessness, sadness and emptiness, disappointment.

Person: relative, monk, person absorbed in own emotions.

Eventive meaning:

  • separation or parting;
  • old wounds rooting back to childhood;
  • collapse of hopes and disappointment;
  • failure at examination, not passing the test;
  • abortion, miscarriage;
  • regret about missed opportunities;
  • mourning and lamentation, sorrow;
  • heritage or something from the past will soothe you;
  • betrayal or deception;
  • flashback, nostalgia and regrets;
  • broken boat of everyday family life;
  • hereditary traumas or inherited vices;
  • genealogy and ancestors.

Reversed Five of Cups

Qualities: renovation, comeback and hope.

Eventive meaning:

  • Recovery and return to life;
  • healing of injuries and reunion;
  • funeral, mourning;
  • group of like-minded people united by an idea;
  • reunion of old friends, relatives, family.

Six of Cups

Spirit of memories.

Tarot Card Symbols: our view is turned to a childhood scene: two children play quietly at the pathway to their house. This is the road to home, the road to our old experiences and memories. They may be much deeper than our present life. The sea in the background hints at the boundless power of past experience and early impressions in our memory. The open door is the entrance to bygone lives.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • nostalgia, childhood, the past;
  • karmic experience, knots in the past;
  • equal energy exchange, favoured time.

Qualities: exchange of emotions, touching, fragility, mystery, warmth, as if time stopped.

Person: old friend, brother, sister, childhood friend or classmate.

Retrograde, stagnant, stuck in the past.

Eventive meaning:

  • nostalgia;
  • childhood memories, traumas, karma;
  • gift, romantic action, support of old friend;
  • reconciliation, courtship;
  • man from the past, old acquaintance;
  • idyll, pure feeling;
  • kindred spirit;
  • emotional debt that will pay off handsomely if returned;
  • care, attention and pleasure;
  • violence or psychic shock experienced in childhood;
  • skeletons in family closet, family secrets.

Reversed Six of Cups

Qualities: novelty, regeneration, coming-of-age.

Eventive meaning:

  • deliverance from the old and an unexpected turn of fate;
  • future event;
  • revival, rejection of the past, unbinding old karmic knots;
  • release from old obligations;
  • new technology, futuristic ideas;
  • leaving home, coming-of-age;
  • desire to get rid of memories and the need to rise above one’s own past, go up in the world;
  • new environment, friends and furnishings: renovation, change of interior.

Seven of Cups

Spirit of dreams and illusions.

Tarot Card Symbols: violet mushrooms grow on the head of an idly sitting girl; they represent her daydreams and her imagination of various pleasant and promising opportunities. She deceives herself with fame and glory (laurel wreath), riches (ornamentals), sexuality (the snake), social roles (the mask), wealth (the lock). But the empty cup at her heart symbolizes the spiritual emptiness and futility of dreams. Fantasies give nothing to the real embodiment of the soul and its development. All the thinking is wasted in vain. The girl does not see reality and is carried away by illusions. No wonder the little green devil teases her.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • The world of dreams, reveries and fantasies, creative imagination;
  • illusion; somewhat covering the clear vision;
  • indulgence of vices, sensually immoderate;
  • difficulty of choice.

Qualities: passivity, indecisiveness, emptiness, superficiality and illusions. Energy is dissipated in vain.

Person: bohemian dreamer, undecided, often empty. Visionary, writer. Man of bohemian profession, who is looking for and working with images.

Eventive meaning:

  • fantasy and imagination (uncontrolled);
  • facing a choice among many opportunities; exciting opportunities;
  • fascination, hypnosis, non-critical attitude;
  • deception, illusion, temptation, hare-brained schemes, inactivity, laziness;
  • desiring for recognition and success but not wanting to act;
  • dream, vision, reverie;
  • idleness, indulgence, building castles in the air; marketing pyramids, far-reaching projects;
  • have a lot of matters and can't get anything done.

Reversed Seven of Cups

Qualities: clarity, disappointment, realism.

Eventive meaning:

  • richness of inner world;
  • insight, enlightenment, veil falling from eyes;
  • skill to build a strategic plan for the future, choice;
  • determine the intentions and find a solution;
  • get rid of dangerous illusion;
  • social success due to self-discipline, planning, ability to distribute the work;
  • strength of will against temptation, suppression of own fantasies and temptations;
  • rejecting the sensual pleasures, refining away the distracting desires;
  • broken hopes, hypochondria.

Eight of Cups

Spirit of inner searching.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see a man turning away from the filled cups; he has a bag and a staff in his hands and is heading off into the mountains, into the night in the dim moonlight. His violet coat symbolises his spiritual motives: he is looking for a new sense of life, he is disappointed in past dreams and feelings (the cups are not yet emptied, but what they are filled with has turned into a tar-black poison for the man). He is seeking solitude and a voice from heaven or from the depths of his own essence that would prompt a new idea.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • reconsideration, abandonment, search;
  • journeys and trips, secret meetings;
  • disappointment and sadness.

Qualities: loss of interest, coldness, alienation, depression, disappointment and fatigue.

Person: spiritual seeker. Tramp, traveller. One who swims with the stream of life.

Eventive meaning:

  • disappointment in deep relations: leaving, divorce;
  • fatigue, crisis of genre, goes with the stream;
  • need to regain strength;
  • something important disappeared from life or something precious was taken away;
  • spiritual quest;
  • trips and journeys, vacation, vacation from labour, solitude;
  • secret meetings and dates;
  • meditation, awareness and spiritual cross;
  • self-examination, psychotherapy;
  • denial, desire to leave, alienation and dissatisfaction;
  • shyness and timidity;
  • exhaustion of energy;
  • depreciation of values, destruction of the old.

Reversed Eight of Cups

Qualities: incompleteness, inertia, or, conversely, revival after a long period of searching.

Eventive meaning:

  • return of the prodigal son;
  • old losses are found, unfinished situations are solved;
  • inertia, immobility, no way out;
  • journeys are postponed;
  • going with the stream;
  • cling to past behaviour patterns or relations that are already outdated;
  • withdrawal from reality, sleepwalking, insomnia, shamanic journey;
  • psychotherapy as healing of old injuries;
  • apology and atonement, repayment of debts, compensation for damages.

Nine of Cups

Spirit of pleasure.

Tarot Card Symbols: a girl is enjoying a swim and is showered with rose petals from 9 cups. She circles in the water, smiling with delight and pleasure. The rose petals symbolise various worldly goods, sensual pleasure, attention and love. This is the caress of fate, a full cup and beauty. But here is also an element of dizziness, static and idleness – no wonder we see this card from above, as the girl seems to revolve in a sensual whirl.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • fulfilment of desires, happiness, satisfaction and material benefits;
  • celebration, feat, party, opportunity to pamper yourself;
  • sensuality and sophistication, bohemian lifestyle;
  • talent.

Qualities: well-being, beauty, joy and satisfaction.

Person: talent. Beauty. Unique faculty for art or a person having fine abilities, gifted by fate. Healing abilities, good masseuse, faculty for bioenergetics.

Eventive meaning:

  • gifts of fate, happy times, satisfaction, fullness;
  • dinner party, where wine is flowing in streams and tables are groaning with food;
  • success and intoxication by success, some wind in the head, and self-indulgence;
  • laziness, complacency, misuse of sensuality;
  • presentations and events, banquets;
  • cafe, restaurant activity;
  • gifts from the heart;
  • splendour, Baroque, prosperity and being immoderate.

Reversed Nine of Cups

Qualities: satiety, complacency, emotional heaviness, unrealized opportunities in emotional sphere.

Eventive meaning:

  • promiscuity, saturation, time when people are too well off;
  • alcohol addiction;
  • gluttony, laziness and immorality;
  • spoiled children;
  • wish to be something of a liar;
  • losses, dismissals;
  • temptation, idealization;
  • refusal of sensual, withdrawal from worldly pleasures for the sake of simplicity and modesty;
  • sincerity, when a man shakes out all his soul; confession;
  • bath, purification, hydrotherapeutic procedures, spa treatment.

Ten of Cups

Spirit of soul abundance.

Tarot Card Symbols: on this card we see 10 cups lined up into a completed pyramid against the background of one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world – the San Marco in Venice. The cathedral is a culmination of human efforts to create something beautiful on earth. An expression of the world’s collective soul. It is resistant against the floods and time, beautiful and impregnated with spiritual vibrations.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • fusion with the Divine, deep spiritual appeasement and satisfaction;
  • emotional exaltation;
  • happiness among people; family full of children, love and care;
  • great love.

Qualities: completeness, satisfaction, quintessence. Apogee, acme.

Person: grateful, caring, loving, radiant. Good family man.

Eventive meaning:

  • obtaining all earthly goods, emotional saturation;
  • body of the church as a spiritual human family;
  • standing on the threshold of spirit revelation;
  • favourable period, creation of family, birth of children, human happiness: stable, happy home;
  • life in harmony with people and nature;
  • desire to share with others, create harmony;
  • the ideal, beautiful picture;
  • church wedding;
  • homeland, home, security.

Reversed Ten of Cups

Qualities: surplus, boredom, exhaustion of energy. Empty form.

Eventive meaning:

  • problems at home, quarrels and conflicts within the family, divorce;
  • an “empty nest”, comfortless house, senseless coexistence;
  • departure, parting, sense of homelessness;
  • excommunication;
  • monotony and satiety in marriage, boredom;
  • sinking in everyday life, meeting the family needs, being an adjunct of the family;
  • denial of family values, refusal of childbirth, leaving the family;
  • surplus of funds, a golden cage;
  • dying feelings, resentment, aggression, act of faith;
  • holding onto the past when the life cycle is already over.

Daughter (Page) of Cups

Child of emotional overflows and sensual depths.

Little mermaid.

Tarot Card Symbols: a delicate little mermaid, swimming upward towards the water in her inspired ecstasy. She slips in the waterfall, representing emotions and feelings. Her image is a soul striving to realise itself. The mermaid’s nudity symbolises sensitivity, purity and beauty. She is the dreaminess, naivety, vulnerability. Two unopened flowers symbolise the dream of romantic love, a sensual union and desire to enter into alliance with another, to transform the sensual impulse. The gesture full of desire of pulling at her turquoise beads denotes a deep desire to bring sensual beauty, childishness and friskiness to the surface from the depths.

This is the image of a latent human soul that seeks to unite with the consciousness, rushing from the depths of the unconscious to the reality of life, and speaks with us in the language of fragile images and moods.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • renewal, sensual rebirth, naivety and beauty;
  • source of inspiration and alluring image calling for knowledge of own inner world;
  • a child, a girl;
  • true desires and aspirations of the human soul for the knowing.

Qualities: emotionality, naivety, innocence, dreaminess. Creative inspiration, being in love, childishness, freedom, sensuality, artistry, compassion, joyfulness, intuition, playfulness.

Person: a young man or girl, dreamy, artistic, emotional, mysterious, enchanting, elusive, emotionally vulnerable, naive. Avoids difficulties, easy nature, friendly, playful, imaginative. Bohemian: poet, artist or musician.

Eventive meaning:

  • being in love, sympathy, amour liaison, novelty of feelings, their depth and quiver;
  • pure impulses and emotional experiences, dreams, idealism;
  • pregnancy and childbirth, an event boding the pleasure and freedom;
  • engagement; good news and proposals (e.g., marriage, declaration of love), invitation, pleasant telephone call;
  • love affair, a compliment, jewelry, cosmetics and chiffon;
  • atmosphere of mutual understanding, finesse and empathy;
  • favourable chance, pleasure, gift.

Reversed Daughter of Cups

Qualities: emotions have the upper hand, absence of awareness, seduction, lust, vulgarity, distrust, dishonesty, flippancy, narcissism.

Eventive meaning:

  • vainness, seduction and flattery, jealousy and envy;
  • unnecessary and excessive credulity when people are blamed, foolishness;
  • retire into empty dreams, give in to hypnosis and influence of other people, vulnerability;
  • infantilism and hypersensitivity;
  • susceptibility to feelings, hysteria, capriciousness;
  • loss of confidence, loss of innocence, swagger, dependency, insincerity;
  • inability to concentrate, at the same time the vain waste of forces, dalliance;
  • adulteries, impurity, dependence;
  • deception, painful affections; may also denote bad or sad news, gossips;
  • unhappy love, bad-news about dissolution of engagement, break-up of relations.

Son (Knight) of Cups

Adolescent, opening the depth of feelings.


Tarot Card Symbols: this is a portrait of a sensitive, gentle man, a romantic. He looks like an aristocrat who worships the eternal feminine top. He has light, soft, curly hair, his eyes are wide open, his eyebrows raised – he a dreamer and a poet, a lover and enchanted wanderer. The flowers next to him have eyes and souls, the world of fantasy comes to life, he hears and feels the music of the spheres. The little fish in his hand is a symbol of deep feeling with which the knight is endowed. He is in love with love and strives to join it.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • pleasant offers and opportunities;
  • release of sensing and artistic side;
  • action from depth of the soul;
  • enjoyment with life, sensuality, being in love and honeymoon.

Qualities: sensitivity, enthusiasm, fantasy, intuition, emotionality and soulfulness. Romanticism.

Person: enthusiastic lover, dreamy and charming.

Man of art, warm-hearted friend, romantic interest.

May be a dancer, painter, poet, aesthete, yogi or spiritual practitioner. Psychologist, film producer or showman. Actor. Restaurant-owner, DJ – all creative professions and occupations associated with the spiritual sphere.

Eventive meaning:

  • invitation for a date, a letter, declaration of love or a gift from lover;
  • pleasant opportunity that is approaching;
  • purchases, smart clothes, treat in a restaurant;
  • relations that excite romantic feelings;
  • caring for someone;
  • going to exhibition, theatre, cafe;
  • offer of hand and heart;
  • recreation and entertainment, satisfaction of emotional needs;
  • travel by water or journey in damp weather.

Reversed Son of Cups

Qualities: intrigue, deceit, depravity and hypersensitivity.

Dangerous illusions. Irresponsibility and emotional dishonesty. Flattery, servility and hypocrisy. Emotional imbalance. Narcissism. Escape from reality.

Eventive meaning:

  • treachery;
  • homosexuality; secrecy;
  • withdrawn invitation;
  • suspicious invitation - mistrust;
  • drug addiction and dependence;
  • unanswered love, false love;
  • stung with emotions - inspiration, images, and diving into the world of the unconscious;
  • night dreams.

Queen of Cups

Woman gliding in a mystical flow of intuition.

Intuitive wisdom.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see a woman who is deeply immersed under water, gliding along with the fish in the stream. Her nakedness symbolises her primordial divine nature; the lotuses in her hand represent the wisdom of mystical knowledge. She herself represents the Holy Grail, the world’s soul, Anima Mundi, wherein the secret knowledge resides. The Queen's eyes are closed: she is deep in her inner world and is smiling, experiencing the spiritual grace. The fish around her symbolise deep desires and motives of the world of the unconscious, and she herself gives rise to these motivations and desires.

Her womb is like the world’s source of the human soul, from which our dreams, visions and aspirations come.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • revelation of the innermost, self-revelation;
  • touching the hidden feelings, deep affection;
  • harmony.

Qualities: sensitivity, tenderness, kindness, beauty, soulfulness, understanding, trust in own feelings, contact with the inner world, intuition, wisdom of ancestors. Humidity, passivity, dreaminess, delicate attitude.

Irrational nature. Innuendo, incomprehensibility, slipping away, subtlety, depth, mystery.

Person: loving and kind woman.

Healer, compassionate and spiritual, giving peace and repose, understanding intuitively.

This is a romantic possessing the emotional depth. This woman easily and intuitively takes any form, promises comfort and safety.

Eventive meaning:

  • meditation, silence, listening, passive contemplation, action in inaction;
  • peaceful and harmonious environment;
  • unconsciousness;
  • esoterics, occultism, fortunetelling and prediction;
  • love and sensual intimacy, deep affection;
  • strongly being in love, desire to love;
  • fall under influence of feelings.

Reversed Queen of Cups

Qualities: temptress or fallen woman. Frivolity, provocation, luring into the abyss of passion, playing the subtle nuances of the soul for the confirmation of own ego. Weak will, lack of initiative, passivity, entropy, hypersensitivity, emotional vulnerability, hence - jealousy, vengefulness, vindictiveness.

Eventive meaning:

  • blackmail, vile practices;
  • shamelessness, whims;
  • debauchery, adulteries and heartache, treachery of close people;
  • infertility; frustration and absence of demand;
  • stitch-up at work, being let down, intrigues;
  • eminent married woman offers her love;
  • sexual exploitation or rape;
  • alcohol, drug addiction, bohemians without talent;
  • merging with the object of own desires.

King of Cups

Man endowed with wisdom and a depth of the heart.

King Arthur.

Tarot Card Symbols: the card depicts a blond-haired man with aquamarine eyes. The sea in the open window is a gate into the sphere of our feelings and desires. The dove above his head points to the Holy Spirit who illuminates the man to his wisdom.

The ribbon across his forehead suggests that his mind is limited in understanding things and that his wisdom comes mainly from the heart. Stretching a cup of wine, the king offers to join his wisdom and love. The wine symbolises a spiritual potion full of vital fire. In some civilizations, the custom of surfeit of wine was deemed a cult act it was believed that unity with the deity could be achieved through ecstasy of intoxication. The wine had to destroy any witchcraft (“truth in wine"), to unmask any lies.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • wisdom, compassion, mature love and sympathy;
  • help and implementation of plans, understanding and support;
  • business or enterprise for the soul.

Qualities: life experience, benevolence, intuitive understanding, love and care. Calmness and stability of emotions, spiritual vision. Honesty, equanimity, fairness, imaginative thinking.

Person: generous man, good friend, devoted lover, good master, loving husband. The card of benefactor, helper.

Caring father. Wise advisor, soul healer. May also designate a teacher, therapist, doctor (healer) or clergyman.

Eventive meaning:

  • consolation, understanding, support in affairs, wise advice;
  • cultural activities;
  • expression of feelings, intuitive vision, appeal to the inner world;
  • tasking work;
  • fair deal, favourable outcome of the case

Reversed King of Cups

Qualities: sentimentality, tearfulness, lack of character and weakness, closed off in own feelings, jealousy. Falling into depression or other psycho-emotional disorders, loss of emotional control.

Cruelty, lack of compassion and openness. Overwhelming care, keeping under thumb.

Eventive meaning:

  • viciousness and deceit, flattery and craft;
  • impersonation;
  • rascal, marriage speculator, professional seducer, thief, talented racketeer;
  • living on other peoples dime; busybody;
  • alcoholism, drug addiction, lust;
  • passion;
  • wasting feelings and funds.


Ace of Swords

Free spirit of mind.

Tarot Card Symbols: a clear and sharp sword floating among clouds in blue sky. Its point is directed upward, into the sphere of the highest human aspirations and goals. It shines like the light of a pure mind, clearing away the darkness of ignorance. This card represents the challenge of human ability to understand the world, as well as the cold steel of mind, strength of knowledge and indomitable will to win. The Sword is our intelligence. There will be no peace and quiet in a situation where this sword appears, as it is the carrier of the spirit of truth, cutting off all the obsolete and expanding the consciousness.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • sharp mind, new idea;
  • enlightenment, awareness, crisis, identification, clarification, aggravating a situation;
  • demonstration of new will, new law, idea, point of view.

Qualities: strain, intensity, courage, fearlessness, clarity, intelligence, strength, confidence.

Person: hard, demanding, without sentimentality and emotions. Authoritative and ambitious. Man of law and letter.

Eventive meaning:

  • frank conversation that clarifies much, problem-solving;
  • plan, strategy, idea;
  • communication; compelling argument;
  • fairness, law and order, truth;
  • making decision in spite of everything, resolution of situation by any way;
  • surgery: operations, fractures, cuts, stab wounds;
  • crisis;
  • victory and achievements in sports.

Reversed Ace of Swords

Qualities: sword of Damocles, “sword of justice hanging over your head." Negativity, anger, movement towards destruction, imbalance.

Eventive meaning:

  • suicide, obsessive fears, severe mental disorders;
  • failure, negative situation - need to escape;
  • punishment, tyranny, injustice;
  • loss of strength, stress and threat to life;
  • resignation to failure, pessimism;
  • unfavourable court proceedings, lost war or battle, conflict with authorities;
  • kill with a word, be rejected; damnation;
  • amputation, excision operations, abscission.

Two of Swords

Spirit of temperance.

Tarot Card Symbols: on this card we see a stalemate: any movement is bound, the conflict is not resolved. The time, the point of view and direction of movement are unknown. It looks like a dead end and the thinking process has stalled – what shall we do? The prospects are still unclear and the choice is not yet made: the raft is not moving and no one knows who of the two men will float on this raft further.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • doubts; dilemma, ambiguity, uncertainty;
  • refusal to make a decision, uncertain prospects.

Qualities: hesitation, contradiction, incomprehensibility, concentration on two options. Prudence, expectation, analysis.

Person: unable to orient in a situation. Sceptic, critic, indecisive person.

Eventive meaning:

  • search for compromise, settlement of opposing views and conflicts;
  • attempt to understand what you need, search for new strategy;
  • doubt about everything, refusal to make decision;
  • refusal to see perspective and resolve conflicts, fear of action;
  • contradiction and dilemma;
  • passive expectation;
  • solution of conflict and search for compromises;
  • fragile balance, balance of forces; pact;
  • money: delayed payouts;
  • distance between people;
  • armistice, arms laid down for a time.

Reversed Two of Swords

Qualities: enlightenment, insight, knowledge of the errors, the perception of lies.

Eventive meaning:

  • end of dead period and active actions;
  • lies and duplicity, complexity of choice between two options;
  • seeing problems that need immediate solution;
  • imposture, unfaithfulness;
  • shame and duel;
  • inadequacy, discrepancy;
  • break-up;
  • victim of fraud, false friends.

Three of Swords

Spirit of sorrow.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see a girl whose tears are black from sorrow and pain, her heart and soul are almost destroyed and broken by three swords, one of which she is using to stab herself in the heart. Her white clothes and revealed skin indicate her vulnerability: she is trying to keep down the pain, clenching her own feelings in her fist. But maybe it is a symbolic action of failed revenge. Her pursed lips indicate pain, while the rain and darkness in the background of the card emphasise her loneliness and proximity to death; her soul is submerging into a frightening experience.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • bitter truth, abandonment of old illusions;
  • treachery, betrayal and sorrow of the heart;
  • resentment, abuse, painful experience, failure.

Qualities: loneliness, pain, disappointment, resentment, self-pity, sobriety.

Person: nun, humiliated and insulted, voluntarily suffering people, the one to whom heartache was made.

Eventive meaning:

  • jealousy, resentment, betrayal, love triangle;
  • break-up of relations, painful divorce;
  • unrequited love, mental anguish;
  • flood of tears, accusations, crying, depression;
  • strong destructive stresses, sorrow;
  • conflicts, discords, misunderstanding;
  • evil intent and malice;
  • beloved leaves you, betrayal;
  • painfully sobering understanding.

Reversed Three of Swords

Qualities: heartache hidden or fading in the background. Chaotic, uncontrollable situation.

Eventive meaning:

  • facilitation of suffering through some painful situation;
  • deliverance and miraculously avoided danger;
  • reduction of pain, relief of diagnosis;
  • recovery after quarrel, reconciliation;
  • support from a friend or group of people;
  • denial of suffering, jealousy, repression of feelings;
  • inconsistencies and delays in business, mistakes, confusion;
  • smouldering resentment;
  • illness;
  • quarrels, discords, war, disorder;
  • evil wishes, evil words.

Four of Swords

Spirit of forced quiet.

Tarot Card Symbols: a man is standing in the desert. He has retreated into himself, his eyes closed. He is most likely meditating, his hands and feet are hidden. He is idle, all four swords are focused at the state of inner calmness and reflection. The figure of the man is transforming into an hourglass, which indicates the temporal aspect of his state. The man represents the measure of all things. The soul or astral twin of the man also stands in the desert, frozen in passive soaring and waiting.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • accumulation of forces, recreation, isolation;
  • expectation, delay, this is the card of time.

Qualities: inner focusing, patience and tolerance, inner awareness, loneliness, sleep. Self-analysis and self-observation, tranquillity.

Person: patient, recreating, waiting for something, one who lies down and does not show up much, introvert.

Inactive. Indifferent, uncaring.

Eventive meaning:

  • idleness, waiting;
  • recreation, vacation, spiritual practice, retreat, meditation, prayer, asceticism;
  • lull
  • disease, hospital, surgery, isolation;
  • prison; monastery;
  • deportation, exile, abandonment;
  • grave;
  • retirement;
  • pacifism, armistice, non-intervention, neutrality.

Reversed Four of Swords

Qualities: caution, prudence, economy, regulation, prudence, foresight, slow recovery of losses.

Eventive meaning:

  • returning after confinement;
  • awakening from sleep, return to current problems;
  • end of peaceful and quiet period;
  • insomnia and bad dreams;
  • recovery from serious illness;
  • anxiety and inner tension;
  • break the deadlock and return to work;
  • end to imprisonment;
  • victim of circumstances, helplessness.

Five of Swords

Spirit of cruelty.

Tarot Card Symbols: the world cracked and split in two: cruelty and violence (little red man), defencelessness, pain and defeat (little black man). The man is beaten in unequal battle, the trust is undermined. The live hand symbolises the vital, the natural, the light, while the mechanical arm reminds that meanness and baseness exist in the world, as do aggressive ambitions and destructive thinking. The spilled blood and deep cleft between the banks is a symbol of painful conflict.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • defeat, cruelty, undermined confidence;
  • sharp conflict, quarrel, blow below the belt;
  • treachery and betrayal.

Qualities: cruelty, pain, destruction, sadism, evil, aggression, disappointment.

Person: heartless, execrative. Enemy, opponent. Sadist, torturer, criminal, rapist.

Eventive meaning:

  • defeat and collapse of plans;
  • battle for life or death;
  • break-up of communication; quarrel; loss;
  • betrayal of partners and friends, quarrels and conflicts;
  • betrayal and treachery;
  • shame and dishonour;
  • violence and insult;
  • murder and kidnapping;
  • slander, intrigue, freezing hostility.

Reversed Five of Swords

Qualities: same as in the upright position, but with a touch of sorrow, feelings of loss.

Eventive meaning:

  • funeral, mourning, sadness, suffering;
  • internal drama at open expression of violence and aggression;
  • suppressed trauma;
  • burying the hatchet, remorse and regret, sorrow;
  • restitution after losses and suffering;
  • revenge, remorse.

Six of Swords

Spirit of changes and searches.

Tarot Card Symbols: the card depicts a winged spirit of the air, having both the features of the god Hermes, the patron of travel and trade, and features of angel or elf. Armed with the power of thought (the sword), he has broken the external constraints (the eggs) representing the material, and was born, light and young, for a new life. The wings represent his spiritual nature. The spirit of air has found freedom due to his intelligence and power of knowledge.

The eggs symbolise the potential of life through which the spirit can be realised. The symbol of the broken egg is the attainment of enlightenment and overcoming external and internal constraints. Gooseberries appear out of old flower petals; they symbolise transformation and timely fruits of flowering.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • changes, both internal and external;
  • his is the card of science, learning, knowledge, which widen the picture of the world and expand the consciousness;
  • changes and relocations, journeys.

Qualities: fairness, objectivity, detachment and distance, analysis, action, awareness, vision of broad perspective.

Eventive meaning:

  • study, road, journey;
  • removing and changes;
  • training and work with information;
  • communication and mediation, reception and transfer of new information and news;
  • messenger or herald;
  • change of residence, place of employment, departure, desire to escape from the status quo.

Reversed Six of Swords

Qualities: no prospects, deadlock, resistance to changes. Passivity, helplessness, difficulties. Holding on to personal prejudices and prejudgements.

Eventive meaning:

  • postponed trips, plans do not come true; problems with relocations and travel, delays in airport, at the customs;
  • revelations, disclosures, unpleasant surprises;
  • unwanted proposals, collapse of plans;
  • business: stitch-up and deceptions;
  • relations: unexpected break-ups.

Seven of Swords

Spirit of deception.

Tarot Card Symbols: a demon with a cat's eyes (the trick), burning and betraying himself in own greed, hides behind the mask of a young maiden (sweet naiveté). He is raising his dagger behind his back, wishing to deceive and lure future victims. The protruding swords represent he risk and severity of the situation. Wings on the demon’s ears connect the demon with his Mercurian or Hermesian nature (Hermes is the patron of thieves).

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • fraud, falsehood, hypocrisy and craft;
  • trick.

Qualities: keen intellect, resourcefulness, perseverance, tenacity, craft. Treacherous, evasive and flexible.

Person: the one who cannot be trusted, liar, schemer. Spy. Resourceful and cunning. Swindler, artful as a barrel of monkeys

Eventive meaning:

  • theft, intrigue, falseness;
  • secretiveness and insincerity;
  • unlawful acts;
  • strategy of behaviour;
  • sham and dramatic play;
  • evasiveness, disarmament due to own sharp mind;
  • coquetry;
  • faithfulness, adultery, secret love affairs;
  • impersonation;
  • avoiding the responsibility;
  • policy and gallery play, adaptation to situation;
  • mummery;
  • risk with reputation;
  • collecting the research for a project, manipulating with data for own benefit;
  • slip away, escaping with a clear skin.

Reversed Seven of Swords

Qualities: prudence and diligence. Cowardice. Ill fame.

Eventive meaning:

  • exposure of deception or treachery, unmasking, disclosure;
  • return into previously formed adverse situation;
  • take back something belonging to you, helping someone;
  • asking for forgiveness, apologising, repenting;
  • hocus-pocus and teaching a secret skill;
  • advice and warnings;
  • bad news.

Eight of Swords

Spirit of captivity.

Tarot Card Symbols: a bewitched girl has been trapped by a wizard in a tree trunk. He hovers above her, conjuring with the swords, sticking them around into the ground. A knight's armour indicates some heroic past associated with the soul of this girl; she has brought this punishment on herself something and is a captive to the cruel sorcerer. The witch personifies the destructive force externally or within us, which suppresses the living soul. The swords are a metaphor for evil thoughts and negativity.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • restrictions, shackles, connectivity, inner barriers and prohibitions;
  • isolation, subordination, deprivation of rights and opportunities;
  • no prospects (or the person does not see them), inability to reveal.

Qualities: despair, hopelessness, vicious circle of negative thoughts. Deprivation of hope, humility, fear and barrier to perception. Suppression, loneliness, inability to reveal.

Person: helpless victim, “lady in distress” waiting for beautiful knight who would free her. Prisoner, suspect, patient.

Eventive meaning:

  • isolation, captivity, hospital, restriction of liberty;
  • crisis including public condemnation and censure;
  • restrictions on freedom of movement;
  • internal prejudices;
  • limitation of sensory perception;
  • self-restraint, self-criticism, self-harm because of mental prejudices;
  • the ratio origin blocks any insights: criticism, censure, condemnation and reproof, prohibition;
  • conviction;
  • prison, hospitalisation;
  • accident.

Reversed Eight of Swords

Qualities: deliverance from fears, relaxation, progress and reassessment of the old. Strength to overcome all human limitations.

Eventive meaning:

  • overcoming fate;
  • combating outside pressure and control;
  • ingenuity in overcoming obstacles;
  • hiding something valuable for other people – talents, features of character;
  • not listening to and not obeying someone’s bad advice or predictions;
  • test in initiation, trial of endurance;
  • mystical states;
  • surprises and unexpectedness;
  • difficulties, internal rebellion, problems with concentration;
  • quarrels and conflicts, difficult relations with children.

Nine of Swords

Spirit of desperation.

Tarot Card Symbols: a woman is lying under a blanket, trying to sleep, but her head is full of black and violent thoughts – such as a flock of crows. The sharp swords aimed at her resemble the twinges of conscience, despair and self-flagellation. The snake is a sign of the dark force bringing poison and death. It creeps through our head, permeates our every thoughts with poison. The patchwork quilt emphasises the disunity between parts of the whole, tormented and uneasy mental world. This woman has no integrity, she is overcome by dark forces and night terrors.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • insomnia;
  • anxiety, melancholy, despair and depression;
  • twinges of conscience and feeling of guilt;
  • trial by losses.

Qualities: martyrdom, fear, destruction, poisoning, suffering. Torments of conscience and all mental anguish crushing a man.

Person: crushed by strength of rock. Victim. Priest, monk, hermit. Often points to psychologist, psychiatrist.

Eventive meaning:

  • retribution, bitter truth;
  • terror, disgrace, guilt, shame and fear;
  • nightmares, insomnia;
  • destructive trauma;
  • inner retribution, depression and sadness;
  • cruelty from other person no forgiveness;
  • failure, defeat, bankruptcy;
  • wounds and sickness;
  • unwanted pregnancy, miscarriage or loss of a child;
  • get a bad diagnosis;
  • hatred, envy, injustice;
  • isolation and loneliness;
  • conscience, integrity, trial for faith.

Reversed Nine of Swords

Qualities: conscious pain, purification after suffering.

Eventive meaning:

  • exit from depression, the end of nightmares;
  • recognition, facilitation of guilt, remorse;
  • injustice of official bodies;
  • slander and gossip, disgrace, shame, infamy;
  • spiritual struggle.

Ten of Swords

Spirit of disaster.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see a scorched, lifeless valley and the walls of a destroyed monastery in the distance. Once it was a stronghold of faith and serenity where people lived, prayed and believed in their ideas. Now it is a burnt cemetery. The end of everything. In the foreground is a grave where all 10 swords lie: everything has come to the end, the disaster has taken place and the situation cannot be restored. This is also confirmed by the skull of a bull, which lies next to the tomb.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • the end, point, completion, forcibly putting an end to something;
  • painful bitter experience, going through painful states;
  • violence, destruction, disaster, painful break-up;
  • refusal, enforced completion, pain of defeat.

Qualities: inevitability, fate, violence, fear, acceptance, tremendous strength of circumstances.

Person: the one who cuts off, completed, or, conversely, a victim of circumstances.

Eventive meaning:

  • disaster, bankruptcy, inevitable end;
  • illness, loss of health, death, murder;
  • personal defeat, failure, catharsis;
  • group defeat, madness or torment (organizations, teams, communities);
  • betrayal or stab in the back, cruelty;
  • shame, loss of social status and position;
  • deliverance, ending;
  • painful divorce, unhappiness, tears, sorrow, grief;
  • deliverance from something, freedom.

Reversed Ten of Swords

Qualities: the worst is left behind, relief, awareness of defeat, bitter experience, restoration.

Eventive meaning:

  • exit from heavy crash (the worst has already happened and is left behind);
  • avoidance of imminent death;
  • removal of stress and recovery;
  • health problems (spine, immune system, nervous system);
  • concern about the future, healing of wounds and patching of holes;
  • end of unpleasant heavy period, gradual recovery.

Daughter of Swords

Child of rapid and hasty impulses.

Amazon. Valkyrie.

Tarot Card Symbols: a girl with a bow and arrows suddenly appears in the cold blue sky. She has the string pulled back and has assumed the posture of an archer ready to release the arrow. Her wind-blown hair represents her spontaneous, windy nature. Her red dress is suddenly caught by a gust of wind, is a symbol of her impulsiveness and vitality. The panther next to the girl represents spontaneous strength and ruthlessness. The girl is self-confident as a predator and as cold as the sky around her. She will release the arrow without batting an eyelash.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • inquisitive mind, quick reaction;
  • conflict, confrontation;
  • unpredictability, surprise.

Qualities: harshness, ruthlessness, sarcasm. Readiness, willingness to hit the target, concentration.

Intelligence, craft, skill, good reaction. Grasping in a single flash, lightning-like. Wittiness and sharp tongue.

Indifference, emotional coldness, sharpness, nervousness.

Person: disobedient child, teenager with a sharp tongue. Gamine. Student-logician, lover of disputes.

Opponent, duellist. Spy who knows foreign language, interpreter. Lurker collecting information, messenger.

Eventive meaning:

  • quarrel or clarification of situation in a conversation, letters or messages;
  • be under the gun of someone's criticism or a sharp tongue, criticism and attacks;
  • discussion, debate, dispute, verbal duel;
  • examination;
  • exacerbation of differences, destruction of harmony in friendship and love;
  • gossip, taunt;
  • news about difficulties in negotiations;
  • unpleasant conversation or phone call;
  • fresh wind of change;
  • new idea or technology;
  • crisis management;
  • improvisation;
  • fencing, command of cold arms;
  • trauma.

Reversed Daughter of Swords

Qualities: recklessness, incaution, acridity, cruelty, lack of protection, weakness, sickness, suddenness and unexpectedness.

Eventive meaning:

  • resentment and anger;
  • trouble coming from children, young people in discord with law, asocial;
  • child suffering from divorce of parents;
  • petty and vindictive man;
  • anonymous letters, grassing, gossips, slanders, ill-will;
  • problems with authorities;
  • various kinds of conflicts, failures, when changes promise nothing good;
  • humiliation and causing pain to others: boycotts, ridicule, teasing and shaming other people;
  • flogging;
  • carelessly dropped word, unethical behaviour;
  • dispute; in business: nothing but differences;
  • loss of speech or, conversely, palaver; difficulties with speech – stuttering, autism;
  • suicide.

Son (Page) of Swords

Youth entitled to do everything.


Tarot Card Symbols: we see a man at the time of irreconcilable action. He is seized by a sudden impulse and is going to “shoot from the hip”. His scarlet scarf flutters like a train of passionate impulse, like that which embraces a hero. His eyes are bulging, his mouth open – the knight is seized by fanatical enthusiasm. Wild nature, wind and a stampeding horse reflect his inner state: anxiety, rebellion and ruthlessness. The wind is nothing to him; he will go against the stream and against the rules. This young soldier or hussar is obsessed with the idea of rebuilding. The black dove is the symbol of a rebellious, defiant spirit, hovering over the knight. The air element is more like a hurricane, a fitful wind. All mice and men are bent down to the ground, trees are cracking, and only the knight stands against the wind; his desire to act at whatever cost is stronger than the wind could ever be.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • intellectual gusto; haste, quick action or decision;
  • speed; strength of intellectual mind;
  • injustice.

Qualities: swiftness, speed, relentlessness, ruthlessness, objectivity. Rationality, intelligence, coldness, cruelty. Activity, heroism and fanaticism. Self-will and impatience. Cynicism and criticism.

Person: the one who only listens to his own opinion. Likes to debate and combat. Making unjust pain, cruel, cynical.

Head of revolutionaries, leader-bully, policeman, military man, combatant, assaulter.

Criminal element: killer, hooligan, racketeer or official person with whom it is difficult to agree.

Eventive meaning:

  • haste;
  • unexpected changes;
  • destruction, brutality, attack (defence);
  • heroic deeds;
  • ill-will and coldness;
  • risk and courage, valour;
  • dispute, war, battle (in word or in deed);
  • police and problems with it;
  • discord, hostility between colleagues;
  • anger, hatred, mockery in personal relations.

Reversed Son of Swords

Qualities: injustice. Imprudence, fanaticism and cruelty. Recklessness. Vindictiveness and ruthlessness.

Much anger and resentment.

Eventive meaning:

  • revenge, game without rules;
  • rushing headlong;
  • war against mirages or windmills;
  • loss, injury, murder;
  • causing pain to others;
  • error, rashness;
  • stitch-up, racketeering, threats;
  • injuries, fractures, violence - very bad card for the road;
  • misfortunes and troubles (business, health, relationships, travel, training).

Queen of Swords

Woman ascending to a high degree of knowledge.

Snow Queen.

Tarot Card Symbols: surrounded by snowy plains and winter moods, a middle-aged queen looks into a crystal ball, wishing to understand and see something. She has suffered much, knows much, possesses a clear vision and a cool mind. The black shawl on her chest is a sign that feelings and emotions are frozen and are no longer guided by her, her opinion is impartial and objective. The sword in her hand implies that she herself marks the borders and protects herself, cutting off sentiments, but also attacking and fighting by means of her own intellect and competence. Her blue dress and monk-like clothes witness her aloofness and secrecy, including from her flirtatious female nature, from the world of relations and passions. The black crow on her shoulder plays the role of her magical adviser. The Queen is dedicated to seeing the invisible and hearing the inaudible. The green sphere in her hand helps her anticipate people's actions, motives and the results of their actions.

Tarot Card Meaning

  • independence and coldness;
  • acquisition of wisdom through intellect, severity, acuteness of mind, objectivity;
  • self-discipline.

Qualities: impartiality, intelligence, prudence, reserve, austerity. Self-reliance, objectiveness, arrogance, unwillingness to forgive. Competence, honesty, independence and solitude, incorruptibility, perfectionism, idealism.

Person: official. Female leader.

Ruthless professional. Judge. Widow, spinster or divorced. Woman’s loneliness.

Professor, analyst, psychologist, lawyer or barrister. Doctor. Writer or intellectual, mathematician, schoolmistress, explorer, researcher.

Eventive meaning:

  • considered and accurate response;
  • intellectual distance;
  • pain of loss, parting, loneliness, withdrawal from relationships, break-up;
  • freedom through solitude;
  • divorce and grief;
  • cut off or suppress own feelings and emotions;
  • exactingness and criticism in own expectations;
  • naked truth;
  • wise counsel, deliverance from dependence;
  • poverty, lack of comfort, failure, coldness;
  • snow storm;
  • surgeries.

Reversed Queen of Swords

Qualities: anger, virulence, deceit, craft, vindictiveness.

Malevolence, slander. Cruelty and narrowness.

Eventive meaning:

  • insult;
  • wicked witch, black magic, evil eye and negative thoughts and influence, women's negative and destructive forces
  • unsatisfied ambitions, overthrown ideals and unused abilities;
  • suffering from loneliness, depression, self-destruction, heart diseases and despair;
  • fear of being left alone or, conversely, withdrawal from the world into a monastery;
  • problems with parting, letting go, death.

King of Swords

Man faithfully serving the greater idea.

Archangel Principle.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see a king whose face is covered with wrinkles and deep folds. This is a soldier who has taken difficult decisions and has seen much. He is a strategist and a judge. All his life, he has participated in battles; his eyes speak of experience and bitterness, as well as insight, understanding and wisdom. He is a king, but despite the symbol of royal power and status atop his head, he is a soldier of his principles. Angel wings on his back symbolise his belonging to the world of high ideals of ethics. The sword is his power, strength and relentlessness in standing up for his truth. He is always on duty.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • strength of keen and accurate mind;
  • law, high standards, rigid rules;
  • strategy, decision-making based on logics, rationality, ethics and facts.

Qualities: impartiality, fairness, strict rules, coldness and harshness. Intellectualism, paralysis of the senses.

Person: arbiter of truth, judge, lawyer, regulatory body in his field.

Physician, surgeon. Hard authority, chief, military man, soldier. Politician. Psychologist-analyst. Specialist. Philosopher. Critic.

Eventive meaning:

  • situation associated with law, jurisprudence, police, military men and negotiations;
  • adhering to standards and schedules, self-discipline;
  • surgical treatment, doctor's advice;
  • clear instructions; high professionalism;
  • dispassion, discipline and asceticism;
  • evaluation;
  • principle;
  • secret service, military operations;
  • competition in business, accusations;
  • punishment.

Reversed King of Swords

Qualities: rigid strength bringing destruction. Inhumanity and steadfastness, lack of compassion and mind, lack of principles. Harsh discipline.

Eventive meaning:

  • evil will bringing destructions;
  • being brought to justice for anything;
  • extortion, blackmail, injustice;
  • threat to life, dirty showdowns;
  • cruel and extravagant authority, cold-blooded criminal, tyrant;
  • the end justifies the means;
  • enemy fighting against rules;
  • crime, trouble with law;
  • prejudice instead of facts;
  • loss in judicial area or business, unfavourable verdict;
  • verdict, execution, appeal;
  • persuasion of chief, dissident politics, actions against law or against established order of things;
  • cruel father;
  • sadism, perversity, perfidy;
  • conflicts and upheavals.


Ace of Pentacles

Spirit of earthly substance.

Tarot Card Symbols: a large, shiny Pentacle has fallen from the sky. This is the gift from the gods, the quintessence of vitality. The wings of the Pentacle indicate its divine origin, the grace of God. The earth, which is embodied by the cards of pentacle suit, is an expression of a materialised spirit. Libido has gained a concrete embodiment. No wonder it was believed that money is the equivalent of vital energy, a means of achieving power and all other goods in the sublunary world. The young branches of the green spring tree in which the Pentacle sparkles are the embodiment of fresh forces of life and growth.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • new opportunities in the sphere of achievement of material wealth;
  • health, luck, good chance;
  • benefit, profit, money;
  • sexual satisfaction.

Qualities: blessedness, talent, favourable opportunities, luckiness.

Person: rich, talented. Banker, financier, magnate. Chief or big boss.

Eventive meaning:

  • health, welfare and stability;
  • increase in salary or profit, promotion at work;
  • gift, present, opportunity, buried treasure;
  • enjoyment with beauty and quietness;
  • fruits of labour, harvest, award;
  • charter of immunity, talisman;
  • jewel, ornament;
  • money, gold bars, achievement and attainment;
  • happiness and satisfaction;
  • ardent mutual passion and good sex;
  • elixir of life, strength and success;
  • conception;
  • silence, secret; magnetism of personality.

Reversed Ace of Pentacles

Qualities: materialism, uncontrollability, greed, abundance.

Eventive meaning:

  • huge benefits that are difficult to keep;
  • squandering and connivance;
  • wealth, insatiable need for money, greed;
  • preoccupation with the material; obsession with the, health, food;
  • shortage of funds, misuse of resources;
  • delays, postponements, problems with payments;
  • illegal money, slate club.

Two of Pentacles

Spirit of flexibility and manipulation.

Tarot Card Symbols: a trickster, clown or acrobat. In mythology, folklore and religion, the Trickster is a deity, a spirit and a man who commits unlawful acts or does not follow the common rules of conduct. On this card, he is depicted as balancing on a thin wire and trying to do several things at once. His energy spreads out in different directions. And all of this he does playfully, lightly and easily, which is reflected in the water bubbles over his head. The telephone receiver represents contacts and communication, the necktie, paper and portfolio are symbols and attributes of business and commerce. That his clothes are made from different pieces of fabric also implies multifarious activities, perpetual change and adaptation.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • multitasking;
  • adaptation and flexibility;
  • bustle and never-ending changes.

Qualities: absent-mindedness, confusion, anxiety, lack of consistency.

Person: merchant, stockbroker, travelling salesman, mediator. Circus actor, conjurer, pickpocket. Transvestite, actor. Showman, advertiser, journalist.

Eventive meaning:

  • commerce, market fluctuations, stock exchange, shares, their rise and fall;
  • currency exchange, money matters and paperwork;
  • phone calls; arrangement of affairs, but on trifles;
  • choosing between two opportunities, doing more things at the same time, serving two masters, arranging two sides of life, for example, combining career with family responsibilities;
  • skill to manoeuvre in certain circumstances and to manipulate people;
  • game, agility, light attitude towards life;
  • accommodation;
  • uncertainty, bustle, superficial communication; the card is unfavourable for launching new projects – instability and vanity;
  • be in sight of public; yellow press;
  • making money on the side, easy money.

Reversed Two of Pentacles

Qualities: languor, incoherence, weakness, laziness or haste resulting in missed opportunities.

Eventive meaning:

  • delay, stagnation;
  • bureaucracy, problems with money, vain efforts with papers;
  • troubles and errors in execution of contracts and transactions, as well as official documents;
  • theft;
  • equipment breakdown and car crashes;
  • silly information, gossips, speculation with information;
  • inattention;
  • work with papers or translations: a lot of information but money is scarce;
  • business mailing, working as postman, running errands or courier;
  • advertising, tickets, brochures, letters, Internet;
  • manuscript and handwriting, forgery of documents;
  • unfulfilled obligations.

Three of Pentacles

Spirit of growing skill.

Tarot Card Symbols: this is a graduate passing the examination for qualification upon completion of a training period. His efforts are concentrated; the chemical reaction shows a progressive change. The green colour on the card symbolises growth and development. The process in the retorts indicates that the development of any skill is a complicated alchemical process, during which we inevitably go through trials and initiations. It is just the dedication witnessed by a stone wall and half-open gate, the passage into the deeper layer of mastery, the permission to know and do more than before.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • hired work; realisation of projects or successful work in one’s own profession;
  • teamwork;
  • development of skills, professionalism.

Qualities: mastery, skill, seriousness, activeness, mutual support, honesty.

Person: employee, officer, student, graduate.

Eventive meaning:

  • assessment, criticism, constructive cooperation;
  • professional consistency, self-improvement, creativity;
  • examination, test, test of skill;
  • artistic skills, apprenticeship at a master;
  • master class, workshop;
  • promotion of status, initiation, admission;
  • well-passed examinations;
  • drawing up or signing contracts.

Reversed Three of Pentacles

Qualities: inaccuracy, negligence, incompetence. Downward passage.

Eventive meaning:

  • dismissal, loss of job, unemployment;
  • poorly passed interview and refusals;
  • non-professionalism, poor quality of work;
  • workaholism, excessive workload;
  • buried talent, slack working;
  • negligence, delays, unserious attitude;
  • critique;
  • errors, breakdowns and defects in work;
  • garbage;
  • strikes, walkouts, sabotage;
  • initiation in lower worlds of shamanism;
  • basement, ground floor, cellar.

Four of Pentacles

Spirit of material security.

Tarot Card Symbols: a man is hiding from storms and wind behind a solid fence in a small safe-house with closed shutters made of four pentacles. He is cautiously looking out of the little window. There is not enough space inside the house, but the man seems like he will not leave his hideaway. Everything on this card is compact, square, slim, neat. Bricks, stones, boards – everything is put together, securely fit together and represents fixation, security, hoarding. Yellow grass symbolises a certain lifelessness, the man on the card is evidently not thinking about growth or development, or about watering the grass and planting a garden.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • material goods and power;
  • hoarding, security, stabilisation of process;
  • control and status.

Qualities: frugality, greed, selfishness, protection and preservation.

Person: miser, niggard, materialist, recluse, misanthrope. Guard, defender, collector.

Eventive meaning:

  • stocks, collections, retention of funds;
  • wealth and power (with painful Tarot Card meaning);
  • lock;
  • protection, armour, boundary, fence;
  • greed and desire for material goods;
  • inability to relax, suspiciousness and fear of being robbed;
  • real estate, premises, houses, courtyards, land plots – something confined in walls or fences;
  • comfort and stability;
  • rootedness, earthling, stability;
  • base, ground, root; foundation of business, enterprise;
  • purchase of real estate.

Reversed Four of Pentacles

Qualities: detained, closed, uncontrollable and unsafe.

Eventive meaning:

  • loss of money, dissatisfaction with material situation;
  • changes and release;
  • financial risk;
  • abandonment of property;
  • robbery, emergency situation at home;
  • obstacles, stuck affairs, regression, hold-up, obstruction;
  • prison, imprisonment, cell, pressure from outside;
  • squandering and prodigality, uncontrollability;
  • border, restrictions, customs, regulations, rules.

Five of Pentacles

Spirit of poverty.

Tarot Card Symbols: a man has become entrapped in the web of circumstances: he is losing money, energy, his vessel is empty and broken. His body and vitality catastrophically depleted. He has no defence: he is naked, barefoot and cannot get out of the situation. The fire burns his last hopes, the blood in his veins freezes from the cold and is pumped out by frustration and anxiety. It seems like there is no hope for things to get better. The web is the image of devastation and helplessness in the face of circumstance. The fire that burns the pentacles represents the illusory and transitory nature of material goods, health and vitality. But it is possible to pass through hopelessness and emptiness and come out into the light of progress.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • crisis, loss of money and health;
  • desolation, misery and hardship;
  • sadness, loneliness and abandonment.

Qualities: anxiety, restlessness, painfulness, sorrow.

Person: sick, poor, needy.

Eventive meaning:

  • bankruptcy, poverty, loss of home, homelessness;
  • unemployment;
  • energetic attack, vampirism;
  • disease, chronic and exhausting;
  • parting, separation;
  • abjectness and inferiority;
  • discouragement, losing all hope, believing in nothing, blaming everybody;
  • malformations, intractable diseases;
  • hunger, cold, vulnerability, nakedness;
  • care for the sick;
  • hospice, nursing home, poorhouse, centre of care of the diseased and victims.

Reversed Five of Pentacles

Qualities: fatigue, patience, humility, hope.

Eventive meaning:

  • gradual inner appeasement;
  • temporary improvement (but not recovery);
  • small money through hard work, alms and charity;
  • shelter;
  • period of amnesty, return of aid and attention, reconciliation;
  • shamanistic withdrawal (symptoms), trials through illness.

Six of Pentacles

Spirit of generosity.

Tarot Card Symbols: two hands, one giving, the other receiving, represent the interchange of energy in the universe. Harmonious movement spins energetic whirls that rotate the world and the earth. The sun in the centre represents the spiritual element manifesting itself in the transformation of the four elements into their material result. This is richness in action, the creation of material good. Harmony between “giving” and “receiving”.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • generosity, assistance, support;
  • well-being, prosperity, harmony and balance;
  • cash flow.

Qualities: openness, honesty, kindness, sufficiency, generosity.

Person: sponsor, patron, protector, good partner and reliable friend, faithful and helping financially.

Eventive meaning:

  • philanthropy, patronage;
  • profits and higher wages, generous allocation of resources;
  • assistance and support;
  • gifts and distribution of money;
  • domination and subordination;
  • return of credits, loans, or, conversely, issuance of credits (depending on whose side you are on);
  • heritage, winning in court, profit and success;
  • interchange of goods and services;
  • profitable bargain, contract, money transfer to your account;
  • resources, ecology, metabolism;
  • current events and processes.

Reversed Six of Pentacles

Qualities: squandering, hastiness, wasting, incorrectness.

Eventive meaning:

  • grants that can spoil relations;
  • losing money, exchange of true for false, losing, underselling;
  • unfulfilled contracts and broken deals;
  • having both debts and obligations while the other one has the rights only: balance is lost;
  • greed takes precedence over honesty;
  • debts, bad credits and overdue loans;
  • prodigality, gaming away or wasting money or inheritance;
  • refusal of charity;
  • debts that will not be returned to you; following this card cannot take or give money on loan;
  • microbes and infection; dirty hands.

Seven of Pentacles

Spirit of hard work.

Tarot Card Symbols: a peasant woman is planting pentacles into the ground. Work in vegetable beds is heavy and requires perseverance, caring and patience. But at the same time, a comparison comes about with the famous parable where a man has buried his talents in the earth. The talent is both the monetary unit and the genius of a person. Therefore, although the buried pentacles have sprouted small shoots, there is still an element of inadequacy of these efforts present.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • patience, hard and heavy work, constancy;
  • difficulties and trials;
  • inadequate efforts.

Qualities: heaviness, routine, responsibility, attentiveness, faith and patience.

Person: workaholic engaged in agriculture who monitors monetary funds. Accountant. Bookkeeper.

Eventive meaning:

  • patiently waiting for the result;
  • working hard;
  • burying own talents in the ground; ignoring own success, being too modest;
  • low self-esteem, unworthiness, frustration;
  • low-born;
  • monitoring the state of own finances, accounting;
  • not getting what was counted for; bad harvest, small profit;
  • unprofitability;
  • gruelling labour for a pittance;
  • unrealized hopes, unhappy marriage;
  • care, maintenance, cultivation;
  • expectation, delays, slow progress;
  • problems with plantings and seedlings.

Reversed Seven of Pentacles

Qualities: joylessness, burden and strap, anxiety and suspicion.

Eventive meaning:

  • damages, errors and failures;
  • bad investments, fraud and bad deals, losses;
  • difficulties, anxiety and suspicions are justified;
  • problems at work; unprofitable enterprise which needs to be closed;
  • rush job at work, depressing and hopeless labour; exploitation of people; slavery;
  • depletion of resources, volume of work inadequate to capacities.

Eight of Pentacles

Spirit of concentration.

Tarot Card Symbols: a young girl in the candlelight is completely engrossed in her work. She carefully and detachedly embroiders the eighth pentacle on the tablecloth. In the background we see the town centre with man-made towers, as if protecting her from the world, giving peace and a quietness and solitude. The white colour of the tablecloth represents peace of the soul, purity and prudence. The candles symbolise the creative fire in the service of mastery and self-discipline.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • order, prudence, thoroughness;
  • training, improvement of skill, concentration;
  • technology and beautification.

Qualities: attention, patience, control, perfection of skills. Obedience, neatness. Honesty and candour.

Person: ideal employee working without a murmur in silence. Diligently working without asking questions.

Eventive meaning:

  • concentrated absorption in activities far away from vanities of the world;
  • chastity and modesty;
  • household or handicraft;
  • skill, precision and expertise, scrupulosity;
  • thesis, project, study;
  • rehearsals, exercises, routine daily practices;
  • schedule, practical matters, accounting, bookkeeping, plan, list;
  • repeatability and predictability;
  • care of health, sports, yoga, diet.

Reversed Eight of Pentacles

Qualities: depression, fatigue, lack of prospects.

Eventive meaning:

  • dismissal, idle time;
  • freebie, negligence;
  • fatigue from work, routine;
  • pointless and boring work;
  • low-quality produce, errors, non-professionalism;
  • unemployment;
  • unpaid bills, pressure by creditors and problems with money;
  • being in a vacuum;
  • lack of experience or skill, unwillingness to learn.

Nine of Pentacles

Spirit of prosperity.

Tarot Card Symbols: a young girl sits on a balcony in a wealthy house. She has gems in her ears, jewels on her breast and wine and grapes nearby as symbols of elegance and prosperity. The violet colour of her dress, like what royalty and clergy wore in the old days, represents refinement. This colour indicates her status, but at the same time suppresses her with its splendour. In the background we see a beautiful Tuscan landscape, a rich estate and blooming garden. But the marble resonates with cold. The wine is left untouched and the girl’s head is turned away from the wealth of the nine pentacles lining the window, through which we see a seagull flying freely. This is her soul desiring freedom and flight, and her look expresses sadness and a vague longing. The card represents external wealth and the lack of inner happiness and being lonely.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • abundance, wealth, well-deserved fruits of labour;
  • good health and financial position.

Qualities: refinement, luxury, beauty and status. Good taste, loneliness.

Person: man of integrity, self-contained and honest, disciplined person. Doctor, merchant, bioenergist (this card is also an indication of healers).

Eventive meaning:

  • large purchases, land, property, as well as luxury and ornaments;
  • valuable pieces of art, paintings, jewellery, elegant, ancient and beautiful things;
  • self-sufficiency and self-development, remoteness from people, isolation;
  • achievement, attainment, success (but as a consequence – loneliness and boredom);
  • having everything but inner freedom and happiness;
  • secrecy;
  • promotion at work and advantageous proposal.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles

Qualities: ill-being, boredom, discomfort, displeasure.

Eventive meaning:

  • big losses of both energy and money, big spending;
  • threat to security, loss of pleasures and satisfaction;
  • miscarriage, abortion, severe pregnancy with complications;
  • bankruptcy;
  • scandals and debauches due to abuse of alcohol;
  • in relation: conflicts with children, greed, avarice;
  • urge for change of place, desire to break out of habitual environment;
  • robbery, fraud and deception;
  • obesity, excessive consumption of food - overweight.

Ten of Pentacles

Spirit of wealth and family.

Tarot Card Symbols: we see a family: brothers and sisters surround their grandfather with tenderness and curiosity. They are enthusiastically jumping and basking in the rays of his broad smile. This is Hotei, the Chinese god of prosperity and happiness, who is sometimes called the “laughing Buddha”. He is traditionally depicted with a big belly, symbolising fullness, prosperity, earthly power and energetic power. In China, great meaning is assigned to the connection between Chi cosmic energy and wealth. The yin and yang symbols depicted on Hotei’s red dressing-gown hint at the harmony of two origins, male female, and getting the fruits of life (children surrounding their elder). Rejuvenated nature represented by the spring tree emphasises the importance of growth, youth and changes, while Hotei sitting at the roots symbolises the power of tradition and wisdom. The family here is like a tree that blossoms anew every spring, with the grandfather as the chief ancestor and guardian of the family at the roots of the family. The treasure chest and 10 pentacles represent abundance and stability.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • material and family values that can make a man happy;
  • feeling as a part of the whole, inner fullness and satisfaction;
  • clan, family, love of children and relatives.

Qualities: fullness, invulnerability and safety. Grace.

Person: banker, head of large organization. Grandfather. Ancestor and all ancestors of the kin. Benefactor.

Eventive meaning:

  • bank, big organisation and corporation;
  • big monetary investment, big profit;
  • strict hierarchy and order;
  • protection of tribal egregore; family, values of kin and family, heritage;
  • very large business, investing money into circulation;
  • real property: houses and land;
  • trial by well-being;
  • traditions of family and community; spirit of ancestors; genetic heritage; genealogy, wisdom of generations;
  • archive, metrics, documents on family tree;
  • drawing up a will or insuring the welfare of descendants;
  • fidelity to the roots, community, business; patriotism;
  • elderly parents and care for them;
  • pension, retirement;
  • home;
  • deposits and savings.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles

Qualities: detachment, material concern, risk, mindlessness, rowdiness.

Eventive meaning:

  • denial of traditions, overthrowing the foundations of society and family;
  • escape, alienation and withdrawal from affairs of the company, clan, family;
  • feud, quarrels in family;
  • deprivation of inheritance, assistance or other benefits;
  • burying own talents; ignoring a wise and valuable advice;
  • primitive materialism;
  • big spending and financial losses; loss of business, dismissal from a high position;
  • genetic diseases;
  • gambling, material debts;
  • robbery; taxes.

Daughter of Pentacles

Daughter of Nature.

Tarot Card Symbols: a young shaman student girl in the process of a shamanistic ritual. Her energy merges with the energy of nature, the roots symbolise a deep connection with the earth, the water – with the subconscious. She herself is a stem along which the forces of the earth are moving. Her green dress represents the colour of growth and nature, while her pregnancy implies renovation, a new growth. The symbols of the process are very important for this card. It is all in a motion associated with growth and development, at the same time relating to practical skills.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • wish to create, learn and master skills;
  • health, body, connection with nature;
  • promising opportunity; messages and parcels.

Qualities: practicality, earthiness, development, phlegm, persistence, sensitivity.

Person: student, quick learner. Child (attentive, diligent, with pragmatic mindset), young girl wishing to express her creative origins, persistent and purposeful.

Eventive meaning:

  • studying something new, beginning of a professional career;
  • the course of process or experiment; collecting the empirical data;
  • nature, seeds, herbs, planting; mushrooming, herborizing;
  • care of health, physical body;
  • pregnancy, conception, good health;
  • hedonism, emotional security and stability;
  • favourable moment, promising opportunities;
  • friendly relations.

Reversed Daughter of Pentacles

Qualities: illogical actions and thoughts, impracticality.

Eventive meaning:

  • wool-gathering, foolishness, inability to assess what you have;
  • errors and problems in process because of these errors;
  • bad news, small losses;
  • fruitlessness in all aspects;
  • squandering, money problems;
  • threat of miscarriage;
  • unlucky opportunity to earn money.

Son (Knight) of Pentacles

Youth of practicality and common sense.

Tarot Card Symbols: a richly dressed young man holding a bag of pentacles symbolises physical aspirations, diligence and a desire for stability and reliability. Castle in the background symbolises his material and ambitious dreams. This young man is a realist. He gains joy from material goods, from sensuality (his rich clothes and red cloak represent fascination with the material world). He launched a business and is now weighing his own possibilities (the bag), ambition (the lock) and energy (the sword) and estimating own forces. He is ready to improve his talents and move forward.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • activities for the sake of material interests, practicality, responsibility, persistence, perseverance and endurance;
  • common sense;
  • medical treatment; stabilisation (in relation to treatment or job) at the expense of efforts;
  • favourably developing circumstances; monetary investments and attractive proposals;
  • the card also representsw health, inborn sensuality, desire for reliability and stable relations.

Qualities: caution, responsibility, concentration, diligence and perseverance, endurance, perseverance. Pragmatism, materialism, self-confidence, realism, fidelity.

Person: man of action, speaks little, does much. This is a student who studied diligently and became a master, a realist, saving and making profitable investments. Patient and practical. Trustworthy, master in his craft. Reliable.

Eventive meaning:

  • useful actions in the name of something (business, health), estimate of own forces, preparation of business plan, signature of contract, purchase of real estate;
  • usefulness, practicality, benefit and profit;
  • pushing the matter through, working on the project, service and keeping own word;
  • financial investments, preservation of resources;
  • achieving success through perseverance, will and mind;
  • recovery, appetite, sensuality, proper nutrition, physical exercises;
  • journey by land, bus, train, car.

Reversed Knight of Pentacles

Qualities: inertia, stubbornness and obsession with the material (money, own body, own health). Greed and lack of confidence in own strength. Laziness, indifference, irresponsibility, unreliability, narrow-mindedness, intolerance.

Eventive meaning:

  • not worth hoping for solution of problem in near future;
  • monotony and fatigue at work;
  • sluggishness and overweight, apathy and indifference, clinging to the old, stagnation and hopelessness;
  • unemployment, idleness, lethargy;
  • man of the street;
  • errors and inflexibility, failures in business, financial losses and bankruptcy, stagnation and no prospects;
  • alcoholism, missed chances and opportunities, vain waste of time and efforts;
  • lack of purpose, meaninglessness;
  • diseases.

Queen of Pentacles

Wife, giving birth and suckling.

Luxurious femininity.

Tarot Card Symbols: the nursing Queen of Pentacles reclines on the grass in an African savannah. Animals gather around and entertain her while she remains in quiet, feminine satisfaction with her baby and in harmony with nature. This queen is a symbol of motherhood, giving life and warmth, a symbol of luxury earthly femininity, its realisation in the material world. The goat and rabbit symbolise natural sexuality and fertility, while the elephant embodies the strength and power of natural, vital instinct.

Tarot Card Meaning

  • vitality, flow of cosmic energy, enhancement of strength and energy of libido;
  • material stability and material aspirations, fertility, maternal power.

Qualities: kindness, peace, tranquillity, family stability. Safety. Self-expression, practical view, establishing a clear basis and clear boundaries. Reliability, patience and sensuality.

Persistence and consistency. Self-confidence. Hospitality.

Magnanimity and generosity. Prosperity.

Person: mature and experienced woman. Mother of family, mistress. Mature, sexy and sensual. Caring about the household, children or business.

Eventive meaning:

  • fruits of labour, business bringing dividends;
  • preservation of resources, economic stability, corporate management;
  • medical treatment, recovery;
  • enjoyment with comfort and prestige;
  • luxury and wealth;
  • desire to create a family, pregnancy;
  • decorative and applied arts;
  • precious object, universal human values;
  • adherence to standards, monitoring the proper implementation; tradition, decoration;
  • provision of children and everyday life.

Reversed Queen of Pentacles

Qualities: mismanagement, irritability, lack of strength and energy. Squandering or inability to dispose of material resources. Hysteria and fanaticism. Sinking into the material. Confusion and indecision. Possessiveness towards children and close people. Clinging to life. Vindictiveness and authoritativeness. Fear of deprivation.

Eventive meaning:

  • losing firm ground, exhaustion of energy;
  • illness;
  • infidelity and suspiciousness;
  • non-payment of debts, unproductive situation at work;
  • infertility.

King of Pentacles

Prosperous man increasing his wealth.

Tarot Card Symbols: the Aztec ruler depicted on the card is ascending above the created civilization. His luxurious robe and feathered headdress symbolise his wealth, success and power in the material world. He holds the wand of power in his hands. This luxury and wealth are the fruits of his labour, strength and mind. He possesses a great gift to turn his own efforts into material wealth and values. He supervises and monitors the construction of his civilization. He subordinates nature and creates eternal values.

Tarot Card Meaning:

  • growth and prosperity, practicality and permanence;
  • strong foundation.

Qualities: confidence, solidity, patronage, conservatism and traditionalism. Fidelity and devotion. Practicality. Endurance and earthiness.

Person: breadwinner, father. Patriarch. Protecting the family and traditional values. Respectable and honourable man.

Banker or businessman managing the cash flow. Owner and manager of real estate. Wealthy gentleman. Deal master.

This card may designate both a physician and healer who heals the physical body.

Eventive meaning:

  • quality of goods; pushing the matter through;
  • sensuality and love of luxury and rich life with all its five-star pleasures; abundance;
  • love for life and earth, comfort and safety;
  • experience and expertise in money management; dealing with finance and the market;
  • financial provision;
  • work for money;
  • good health;
  • directing attention to health, body and sports;
  • points to dedication in love.

Reversed King of Pentacles

Qualities: vicious, offended, manipulating with people due to his influence and money.

Denotes stinginess and shameless exploitation. Violence against people. Arrogance. Greed. Impudence. Possessiveness and jealousy. Envy. Dullness and heaviness. Dogmatism.

Eventive meaning:

  • devastation and exploitation of resources and people; dirty methods: corruption, avarice, dishonest ways; ambition and die-hard;
  • may denote bankruptcy, loss of firm ground or debt pit;
  • loss of money, cares about home and property, problems with taxes and real estate;
  • inability to manage; destruction of well-being;
  • intemperance in food and alcohol.

My Philosophy

For me, Tarot is a wonderful opportunity to see and analyse the spiritual world. Strikingly enough, the cards are very honest. They discover our motives, our unlearned lessons, point to our temptations and to what we suppress in ourselves, even if we do not want to recognise it. My philosophy is to respect the cards, approach them reverently as if they were human beings, and more precisely, the whole assembly of ancient wise men. Being respectful means accepting everything they will say with an open heart.

Resonating with the inner reality of a person who is sometimes unaware of it him/herself (after all, there is nothing we delude in so strongly and nothing we are as disappoint in as with ourselves), the cards can demonstrate the tendencies of life, hidden feelings and probable progression of events. The cards help in psychotherapy, a method for discussing delicate situations and feelings.

Tarot never gives clear answers because it appeals to our intuition. The cards can push toward a decision or insight; however, the main character in card reading remains the person who takes the card deck in his or her own hands. Personal openness, honesty, delicacy, inner ethics and intuition will determine what forces will be attracted by him or her through Tarot.